Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Satoshi becomes Musulim? サトシ・ダテがイスラム教に?in English/日本語訳

An Islam guy, yes, neighbour, yes, he is my friend. He is becoming more religious than before. He is from Uganda and he keeps stopping me and chat every time we meet. Then ask  “where is that Italian chic?” about my Italian friend.  A week ago, someone rang the doorbell, and I opened, then it was him. He was going to say something but hesitating. “aha, he wants something from me” I just felt by my intuition.
He begins “well, I don’t know why, but your face come up in my mind,, I need to ask a favour,” he started talking but at the end he wants 500Pounds from me. “that is quite a lot” I said to him. “It’s not really nice if you call me a friend and you need to ask money” I added, “ well, that is very true. If it’s too much to ask, it’s ok, but I know it, this will end soon, will sort everything out soon. I will ask somebody, and I will let you know if I sort it.” He said so and disappear from the main black door.

Two hours later, the door was banged many times.  When I opened, it was him again, with his turban, full of smile, his five fingers were in the air waiting for my another five. Seemed like he was like that position for several 10 seconds.  “heeey Satoshiiii”
His friend was going to lend him money.
“Well, if I offered, you would have to have a strict contract with me, and you might end up with doing seppuku in front of me, so it is better like this way.”
I said.
“yes yes, that is right. Anyway it is good at the end”
“oh by the way, do you want to come to pray in the mosque this Thursday? There will be some food!”
Oh again, when it comes to sort of religious invitation, they always say there will be tea, coffee, god or food. No matter what, Christian or Hindu.
I said without any expression “ I might go if I can go. “
Then the day came, His friend brought the car to pick me up. I’d never been to Mosque, so I decided to go.

East from my house. I arrived at temporary build mosque which reminds me some kinda cult in Japan. My friend explained to me politely everything what I have to do there, like how to wash my body before I enter the mosque.
Prayed and entred the place to hear the priest (sorry don know how to say) speech. There were some people who only understand English, there are some rooms for English and Arabic. They translates at the same time of while priest is having speech.  I went to English one. Many people are sitting on the floor.  When I looked up the ceiling, it looked like they are damaged and almost falling down.  When I was sketching the room. The old guy next to me approached me, and said “oh, I thought you are making a note” like he was making a fool of me or not good attitude in this room. My friend excused for me “He is an artist”
(for me, sketching is kind of making note) I spoke to the old follower in my mind.

I tried to listen but sometimes Arabic language was mixed, so it was hard to understand. I figured out that what they say was not so different from what Christian people teach.
I thought everyone was listening very carefully, but it wasn’t.  Sleeping people, let the mobile rung people. (I wonder how they gain the number of followers in such a way.) 
It seems relaxing version of Christianity I looked at the old guy who spoke to me before, His face was tilting towards the carpet. Hmm very peaceful.  After the 1 hour teaching. Everybody started having a greeting each other. People who picked me up, were going back home. My friend wanted me to eat some food here. We decided to stay. I went to toilet and that was Indian toilet…  ( I guess many Bangladesh here) . I felt like I came back to India again. Plastic sheet for picnic was unfold everwhere, and people who brought some food in the supermarket plastic bag started laying their food. Islam Picnic!

We found the place and sat. Everyone try to feed me kindly. The Turkish guy said “I washed my hand, so it’s ok” and he grabs the curry or rice and put on my plate. He keeps saying the same sentence and sharing to others. He keeps saying he washed.. so made me worry but I just didn’t think anything horrible and just started eating.
They need to pray 5 times a day, so on the way back by car we went to the different mosque (tiny). Then I did 3 times that day.   I crossed the line when everybody was praying, someone told me off not to do it. ( I see there are some rules)

It was 1km away from our house, so we walked back together. He was explained to me many things about Islam, but I didn’t really get them. When we were about saying goodbye. I said to him about his empty can “Can I through away for you?” “oh you do recycling?” he asked. “You don’t know about it? We are in the same area.” Then he said “ well, I know about it, but I don’t know how..” “so you through all these in the normal rubbish bin?” I was surprised and asked.
It is surprising that he doesn’t know how to do it when you were living in the area for long time.

Many great things (seems to be) were told by him, but it is interesting that basic and fundamental matters around his life are not sort it. Also, about he was asking me money.  Religious(?) Christian, I often meet them, but sometimes what they say and do are don’t match most of the time. So I don’t know what the religion really helps or bring to their own life.


「なんだかわからないけど、君の顔が浮かんでね。頼みがあるんだけど」 いろいろと話をするが結局500ポンドほどお金が必要だそうだ。「それは大金だね。」と僕は言う。「友達にお金を貸してくれって言うのはあまり好ましい行為じゃないんじゃない?」と付け加えると。「いや、まったくそうなんだよね、いやだめならいいんだ。わかってるんだよ、こんなこともすぐに解決できるってね。他をあたってみるよ、いい知らせがあったらまた来るね。」彼がそういって黒い玄関のドアから去る。



一見みんな熱心に聴いているようだがそうでもなかった、寝ている人もいれば、携帯を鳴らすひとなど。(良くこんな感じで信者が増えるな、リラックスしたキリスト教みたいだ)と思う。 先ほどの老人の顔はすでに絨毯にむかって俯いていっていた。 うーん。平和だ。 1時間後説教が終わると、みんなが挨拶しあう。車で迎えに来てくれた人たちはもう帰るようだった。僕に食事を食べていってもらいたいということで、留まることにした。 トイレに行くがこれまたインド式(バングラディッシュ系が多いからだろう)。またインドに来たような気がした。ピクニックのマットがそこらじゅうにしかれて、スーパーの袋に入っていた食事をみんなが出し始める。イスラムピクニックだ。




Sunday, 29 July 2012

First FootBall watching in Real はじめてのサッカー観戦

Went to see Olympics woman's football in Coventry yesterday
first time watch football in real
very different than what I exptected. Really exciing!
nearly missed last train to London...



Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Jumping on the roof / 屋根の上をジャンプ 2012/07/16 in English/in Japanese Became real

Jumping on the roof / 屋根の上をジャンプ 2012/07/16 in English/in Japanese
Became real,

 on the 20th July 2012, there was mass murder in AURORA, Colorado. I just knew this incident when I grab the news paper “the Sun” on the kitchen table. I was shocked and I saw one sentence, one baby was killed. Then flash back about the dream a bit. My assistant in front of me told me just after, “oh the owner of the Sun is like the owner of Kyojin(baseball team in Japan)isn’t he?”  I didn’t understand what he said. He was saying that the owner of Kyojin as well as Yomiuri(Japanese news paper) has a strong power in Media also a Japanese baseball league.So I just realised this could be the key of the dream.

 innocent baby was killed horribly (in the dream was split into two or three, and some parts were destroyed badly, don’t know about this incident)> I was shocked and must be stopped > the article was on the Sun > the Sun’s owner is similar to Yomiuri’s owner > Kyojin
in the dream there was a connection of killing with Kyojin, but Kyojin denied.

Jumping on the roof / 屋根の上をジャンプ 2012/07/16 in English/in Japanese



Thursday, 19 July 2012

Cellar and Sunshine. 地下室と日の光。 2012/07/19


Who am I? Where am I?  Oh yes I was in the cellar.  With my bed. Uncomfortable bed.  I hate sex. I really do.
I do not like see the desire of human. It is nature, but if it is misconduct or unpleasant, I feel disgusted.
This dream might about it?

I woke up from sleep in the dream. White sheets on the bed. Metal frame. My head was heading towards south, unusual. I saw a gift from a friend who might be having fun with another friend in real life. Between the bed and the wall. It is a big wooden panel and something written with horrible colourful materials(spongy, bubbly, you know the one you use for filling the gap in the houses…) says hopefully or thankfully… it sounds like excuse to me or just simply showing her purity and makes me feel guilty to doubt she is having sex with someone.

I woke up, there were two ladies. One who I think she fancies me, another one who might like me, but she has a husband. Oh maybe both have husband I don’t really know.
I call A and B.  Lady A asked me where could be the nice café around. Yes we were outside of cellar already, shiny, looks like in the little valley, small village and people are making some craft with wood. Looks like workshop, if I look up a bit, in the middle way of slope there is road which might have the café parallel to the long cellar. I could see the roof of cellar, there is nothing above the cellar but the grey concrete roof. I suggested some café, but I have to go with her. Next moment I was with B. she was pretty. She took me to the room. It was one of the room in the cellar. I was surrounded by concrete, reminds me Tadao Ando’s architecture.
I don’t remember other parts. But it was interesting there are few women come to me, and they showed two contrast places, peaceful sunny field and also in the cold dim light cellar.

I just thought… A who I don’t have any interest is in the sunny and peaceful place. B who is attractive to me, but she has husband and no connection cannot be made with me as a relationship, is in the dim light. A was actually looked happy no matter what I am interested in her or not, B was quite unhappy. No smile. 



僕は起きる。二人の女性が現れる。ひとりは僕を性的に好いているだろう人、もうひとりはもしかしたら僕のことを好きな女性。ひとりは夫がいる。もしかしたら二人とも夫がいたかもしれない。 ここではA,Bと呼ぶ。Aがこの辺でいいカフェはないか尋ねる。

その次の瞬間ぼくはBと一緒にいる。彼女は綺麗だった。彼女はぼくを部屋に連れて行く。地下室の中の部屋だった。コンクリートに囲まれる。 安藤忠雄の作品のような作りだ。


ふと思う。Aは僕が興味がない女性は日が照った平穏な場所にいて。Bは綺麗だけれど、夫がいて恋愛対象としてなにも繋がりが起こりえない彼女は薄暗い光にいる。 Aはとても幸せそうに僕に微笑む、ぼくが興味があるかどうかなど気にせず。Bは嬉しそうでもなく微笑み一つ見せなかった。

Monday, 16 July 2012

Jumping on the roof / 屋根の上をジャンプ 2012/07/16 in English/in Japanese

I was in my parents’ house in Mitaka in Japan. It is after midnight, very blur. My house became like Maurits Cornelis Escher’s painting. It is surely white house, some parts are cut out, no ceiling. Somehow my house was at the corner of the road(my house is next to the corner). My friends were near the toilet bowl. They seemed to be my old friends. They were playing. Jumping around the top of the roof to roof. Next is your turn! Who’s next! They are shouting. I was just looking at them.

Toshi, my friend in London(mixed up with my best friend Y), will do the big jump from roof to roof. I was trying to stop him, but he didn’t listen. Then I dropped the toilet washlet which they need it for jumping from the 1st floor(toilet was on 1st floor) . I thought “oh my god I broke it…” , but I saved his life so I felt released. Everybody was looking angrily.  I don’t remember he jumped after or not, but the ambulance arrived. Many people gathering around the car. High school girl with uniform, and high school boys. I was 2nd grade (in Japan) . someone must be in the ambulance to accompany with injured person.

I shouted “Many many people might die, but everybody jumps! We must stop it!” then Koizumi, who was my old friend was impressed deeply what I said, and he asked me to get on the ambulance with him and others, he was crying. All of others were 3rd grade. And they didn’t really want me to, but he insisted.  There was a girl or a boy who is covered the his/her face by bandage., 4, 5 people were in the car. Then the car stared moving. It seemed that the car goes quite far away, we passed the mountains road. When we had arrived, it was in front of a hospital, but it turned to be a Mosque. The guys were trying to put the strange device which they need for pray into the car. The shape is unique and has many right angle edges.  The place they have to put was almost the same shape as their device. They somehow put them into the car, they put 2,3 and then they moved the car.
There was a huge track filled a lot of cement passed right in front of me. The driver could not see me. Then I remembered an accident the girl was hit by big track in Japan.

The mother of the victim appears. She said “a baseball player from Kyojin(Japanese baseball team) was the driver! I must not support Kyojin anymore.” Then the people from Kyojin said, “that is nothing to do with us!” they shout.  At the morgue, the mother of the girl holding the girl’s hand, the girl was torn apart, but even she is surely dead, her mother was talking to her like the girl is alive.

I was extremely angry. “Why do you want to take many children's life!?(this doesn’t mean about accident about many events) It must not be like this. We must save the children!, That is why I need to live and make an effort and save their life!” I was crying and shouting to the air.

My phone was ringing and I woke up. My breathing was rough and I wasn’t crying.
It was 8:45am 2012/07/16 London time.

Written by Satoshi Date








8:45am 2012/07/16 ロンドン時間。

文:伊達 賢

My Prophetic Dreams/僕の予知夢 2012/07/16

I am going to write about my dream. For me, dream is very curious matter as it shows the boundary of real life and abstract world. Especially the one I see the future makes me being interested. I write the dream which I dreamt a night before. I do not know whether my dream will come real in our world, but I would like to post my dream before my dream comes real.  And you will be the witness. Most of my dream comes into our world within 24hours after I’ve seen them. I would like to research and experiment here to prove. 

 This is not only to prove I have a special ability, but also to figure out what is the dream and why I or someone can see the future. I have a theory about this without the super natural ideas. I cannot tell you this theory here, but after I have read “The Interpretation of Dreams” by Sigmund Freud, I thought my idea can make sense from his research. My opinion is entirely different from his, but if experiments were true, my theory can be right. If something similar to my dream happened in the world, please do comment.  Unfortunately most of my dream appears into my everyday life, but it might happened in huge scale.

Thank you very much.

Written by Satoshi Date



文:伊達 賢

Sunday, 15 July 2012

First Time Being In India Part 10(Organic Farm20120305-2) /初めてのインド Part10 (オーガニックファーム2012年3月5日―2) in English/ in 日本語

After I checked out the hotel, I headed to Organic farm for volunteering which I’d decided to go before.  I arrived around 5pm.  It was about 1hour by auto rikisha from Jaipur centre. From main road, perhaps 15min. I didn’t feel so far from the city, but after I see around here, it was definitely I can call country side or middle of nowhere.
As soon as I arrived, French girl walked in, felt a bit strange that this situation happened before. Like stranger come to village and urban European who got used to be there come to me and start talking, like they know everything about there, and I don’t know, so they will teach you all. 
“guys, new one came!” French girl shouted to others. One European looking girl and boy start approaching to me. Girls had wet hair and they were covering themselves with bath towel, I realised that they just had a shower or went to into pool, I remembered I decided to come here, because here was a swimming pool.
Manager of this farm came and registered me.  There was a strange guy called Latan was sitting next to manager, didn’t really feel good from him, seems they look a bit suspicious, but I always too critical about people for the first meeting.  Latan was keep laughing and smiling very strangely.  He seems like servant here.

Latan and other guy brought a bed for me, very basic bed. And show me the room which is also very basic, made of clay? straw-thatched roof? Sands everywhere?  I was a bit scared but did not care so much.  Then Suddenly, French girl start shouting as staff in the farms are here, “heeey! Please change my bed! Look it is sooo dirtyyyyy” in very strong French accent. She was picking the pillow between her fingers. “I cannot sleep here!”  We were laughing.  She was later, relaxing on the chair under the sun, headphone on her ear, wearing sun-glasses and laptop in front of her. 

I asked her what was the reason she came, and she said for relaxing and for fun, but the American boy I met was curious about organic farm. So there are many people came here for various reason.
There was a map on the wall in our volunteer cottages area. Whole farm is about 400mx400m, and there are three families, a chef, manager and boss’s family’s houses. There were narrow roads connect between the houses. Tall big trees are everywhere, and small trees on the farm. I was told that this farm is mainly for amla. (I wasn’t told this at all before I was coming here.)

We met the family who owns here. It seemed like other than the family, they cannot speak English.  There was a chef, he cooked the food all the time, for us and the family.  We most of the time prepare the food(like peeling the peas, sieving the flour etc.).
We introduce each other in front of our dining table, I roughly introduced by myself. Felt awkward doing so, being middle of nowhere. What if I stayed here forever? What If I cannot go back? There is the reason to introduce myself when I was in the city? The life in the city might not meaningful.  I thought it would be interested if we were putting the city people’s mind on the dining table in front of us here, and talk about our life.

「新しいのが来たわよ!」と彼女はみんなに伝える。ヨーロッパ人っぽい男と女の子が歩いてくる。女の子たちは濡れた髪で体全体にバスタオルを巻いていた。 シャワーかプールに入ったんだなと思う。僕がボランティアのファームをこの場所に決めた理由のひとつにプールがあるからということを思い出した。



この農地を所有するファミリーと会う。 ここではファミリー意外は英語を喋れないようだ。僕らとファミリーの食事を作るシェフがいる。常に彼が料理を作るようだ。料理の下ごしらえはいつもボランティアがやることになっていた。

僕らは食卓のテーブルの前で自己紹介をしあう。簡単に自分のことを語る。こんな人里はなれたところで少し不思議に思う。もしここに永遠にとどまったら?帰らなかったら? 都市で暮らす「僕」を紹介してなんの意味があるだろうか? こんな農家で目の前にあるテーブルに都市から来た僕たちがアイデアなり考えを並べあって、自分たちの人生について考えるのは面白いかもしれないと思った。

Thursday, 12 July 2012

First Time Being In India Part 9(Amber Palace20120305-1) /初めてのインド Part9 (アンバーパレス2012年3月5日―1) in English/ in 日本語

I had a nice rikisha guide from the hotel in Jaipur, young boy, maybe around 17 years old. He had the same smile as my Bangladesh friend in London, so he looked very familiar for me, seems like I was talking to my friend when he was very young. 

When I asked how much does it cost to go Amber Palace, the receptionist at the hotel started typing with the calculator and showed at me.  It was a deal of their auto-rikisha boy, I remembered there was a rikisha car outside of the hotel.  Anyway it was cheap, so I jumped on.

Little boy on the Rikisha said many Japanese tourists do not speak any English, so he was happy that we could talk each other.
I went to Amber Palace, it was quite impressive. Huge and has style and beauty. Sadly there is horrible cheap café was inside of palace. “inlaid”

Stairs are so high, everything made of stones. Most of space, you can feel the wind, perhaps they meant to build that way, to keep the people cool. It was like a maze, although there are many tourist outside, I did not see many in inside. Mysterious wind blew, people’s voices are abosoved by stones, Sun and his shadow had a conversation with me. Seems like each of us trapped by ancient castle.

This rikisha boy took me to the interesting place near the water palace. He said it is worth watching, “ There is a factory where you can buy fabrics and clothes. It is not like market you see on the street in Jaipur, it is all handmade, a bit expensive, but there was a quality. No pushing, they won’t force you to buy anything”  I entered the factory. Many boys were stamping the fabric by curved stone.

The guy approached to me and he start explaining how they do. He said some money goes to the people who do not have job, and they make people like that to train here to work. The guy from the factory took me up stairs.

Upstairs, the carpets are laid everywhere on the floor, opened space, make me think of Old Japanese house. There are some staff covered by Sari and all the fabrics were in the shelf on the walls.

 He started showing many pieces of carpet and fabric. He explained to me how to distinguish real handmade or not handmade one. He was convincing me that they have good quality fabrics, but I could not find any interesting design. I actually did not buy anything for myself during this trip, only gift for friends, acquaintance. Oh only tea I bought for myself. Perhaps I am boring person? But seriously I could not find any good design and quality stuff, that is why I did not buy any.

I thought if I could help their design. That’ ll be wonderful. Well that is why I am working on NPO Mirai in Japan.  http://www.npo-mirai.net/






男が現れ子供たちが何をしているか説明し始めた。ここでの売り上げの一部は仕事のない人たちに送られ、また仕事のない人たちをここで訓練させ仕事を与えるようだ。 工場の男は上の階へぼくを連れて行く。