Saturday, 17 November 2012

Got used to live in two cultures 二つの文化に生きる 2012/11/16 in English/日本語

Arrived in Narita airport and got on the Keihin-line. I totally got used to go back and forth between Japan and UK. I don’t feel any culture shock anymore, but maybe, they make me crazy or confused again. Like both countries tear me apart. Japan wants me some part and UK also, or they don’t want me, accept me. What should I do? Reality in here and there are different, and truth also. I don’t know what is truth and real, perhaps both are not real and it is just an imagination created by human being. 

Peaceful wind comes in when the doors of the train open, usual elderly people and secondary students got on the train. They laugh and talk but very quietly, seems like Japan air absolve their noisiness.  My friend told me that when she sang on the street with her guitar, police man says “It is sound pollution, stop it” but there is no one around her and it is not residential area at all.  Strange country, still…

成田の空港について、京浜に乗る。 日本とイギリスを行き来するのに完全に慣れた。カルチャーショックもうけない。けれどまた僕をおかしく、混乱させにくるかもしれない。二つの国がぼくを引き裂く。日本とイギリスが相互にぼくを欲しがる。同時に彼らは僕を嫌い、承認もしたくない。どうしたらいいのだろうか?現実はそれぞれ違い、そして真実も。何が現実で真実かわからなくなる。もしかしたらどちらも現実でなくて、現実は人間がでっちあげた想像なのかもしれない。

ゆったりとした風が電車のドアから入る、よくいる老人と学生たちが入ってくる。彼らは話したり笑ったりする、とても静かに。まるで日本が彼らの声を吸い込んでいるように。僕の友人が道で弾き語りをしていると、警察に「騒音を出しては迷惑だ、やめなさい」という。誰も彼女の周りにいないのに、住宅街でもないのに。 とても変な国だ。

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Satoshi Date meets Miyagi prefectural governor  宮城県知事とお話 in English / 日本語 2011/11/11

TERPロンドン の主催する震災復興関連イベント情報 : TSUNAMI, 611days laterSakuraFront のサポーターとして出席しました。宮城県知事もロンドンまで足を運んで下さりました。





I was invited to TERP LONDON event today, Tsunami , 611days later as a member of  . Miyagi prefectural governor came to this event all way down from Japan, too.

Tohoku Earthquake was a heroic event, but they question us what the meaning of life. I think we have to think deeply how we are going to reconstruct Japan and World.
Miyagi governor showed us what Miyagi has done for recovering and what the plan for the next 10years, and show us the sightseeing guide which doesn’t look new to me, and ask us to visit that prefecture.  I could not get it clearly.

I think they can do something about the cleared field, and make a new attraction, building, museum, city design,symbol or art or at least some plan to create an innovative plan.
Creator such as me, do not create just a product or an art. Creator can create just an idea for those reconstruction. Perhaps it can be nonsense to them, if they can do what I think it will change their economy and progress their recovery. 

I can imagine tons of ideas in front of me, but they did not show any of these. I could actually see governor and talk, and I told him if I could help in a creative way for Miyagi. I was happy that I could convey what I feel or can do.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

夢 The Sundays 2012/11/03

Dreamt about The Sundays. the vocalist was completely different person. Young, has freckles on face. Can’t say who, but very very clear. Her face was close to me, it looks like I was watching TV. In the night, on the stage. she is singing new song, quite pretty. Remind me about my past. Song was like ‘til Tuesday or pop song. I remember the song clearly. Voice was not the same as the vocalist of The Sundays.

サンデーズのボーカルの夢を見た。ボーカリストはまるで違う人で。とても若くて、そばかすがある。誰だからわからないけれどとてもはっきりとしていた。彼女の顔はとてもぼくに近く、テレビを見ているようだった。夜、ステージの上。新曲を歌う彼女。結構綺麗な顔。過去を思い出させる。曲はTil Tuesdayのようで、ポップな感じ。曲もはっきりおぼえている。声は本当のサンデーズのVocalの声とは違った。