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First Time Being In India Part 11(Organic Farm20120306) /初めてのインド Part11 (オーガニックファーム2012年3月6日) in English/ in 日本語 

We woke up at 7:30am. I woke up and get out the room.  I felt like I am in the new world again, new order, new routine and fresh air. I hated trips in the nature with other people when I was in a primary school, I adored my mother, so without her, I panicked. And all my close friends in a class look evil and mean, even they weren’t. Making fire for cooking, dancing together, sleeping together and waking up together. And yes eating together. Like a children army. I hated.

Everybody was sleeping.  Everybody start waking up, French girl were the last one, Me and American boy started helping the workers. 3 of the workers without sandals climb up the high branches and cut the branches by middle sized sickles. I carefully picked them up as I was afraid of big branches or sickles to fall down on my head accidently, after that we had a breakfast, porridge, I accidently put salt instead of sugar. 

After breakfast, we helped carrying heavy stone sticks (thickness 50cm, width 50cm and length 2m,probably 70kg , others said more than 100kg ) in the dug holes made by their hoes and we put the metal wires to make a fence, but American boy American boy did not get it, also I didn’t, because why do we need to use this heavy stones just to put wires? I guess it is Indian Style, I found this is very inefficient. Maybe because of they are in developing country? They are not efficient, like cars drive so messily in the city, if they drive normally probably there is less traffic. I guess culture thing?

After lunch break, we follow the one of the farmers ( I guess the door man as her family lives in front of main door, so I call him door man) we went to the main door. There was his house, only two rooms, made by concrete or clay, a woman covered by green Indian dress, two beautiful children, girl and boy.

All of the volunteer jumped on the big track and everytime the doorman stopped the track we put the cut leaves in the track, only specific plants which cut beforehand by volunteers. It was quite tiring, but was fun to be in the track, we were all smiling and laughing like we were in the amusement park. Shaking shaking.

On the way to compost place American boy showed me a fruit of amla

and Lemon tree, the lemon tree’s leaves had so nice smell. Amla, I did not want to try that time as it was so bitter when I’d tried pickled one in the morning,  I put it in my pocket, although the track  was full of leaves, the man kept asking us to pile them, I just realised that this is normal in India. All the volunteers did not get it, but I was a bit afraid all the western people might think Japanese culture is also strange, as western think this is strange(I also think this is strange…) but yes I bet we have some craziness we have in Japan. Craziness is, in a way, everywhere.  If you compare your country to other ones…  I remember in the city in India, there are crazy amount of things on the top of bicycles, cars or motorcycles. American boy told me that he saw 2m high piled chair on the motor bike…

This isn’t efficient at all, end up with all the piled leaves will fall on the way to compost site…  there are things inefficient in England,too, these kinds of things make people more busy or humanised?  Being efficient is more human or opposite? More modern? Advanced? But England is advanced country but compare to Japan? Is it good or bad to be efficient?
After the work I wanted to go to swimming pool, I need to climb up so slope to get to the pool, finally I got there, but pool was so dirty and I could see some insects are swimming comfortably in there. We did not want to go inside…I wanted to see her half naked with underwear in the pool… maybe next time…

At the dinner, Boss’s wife asked American boy to put the bowl back where it was outside in the kitchen. He took the bowl from outside dining table to the kitchen. He did not understand well, but he said sorry and he put the bowl on the ground by the dog, Perhaps, lady did not want anything dirty(?it was on the table anyway???) in the kitchen. The chef servant asked what this bowl is doing near the dog, I just start laughing because he put outside but not that much outside. He was embarrassed, We didn’t get it… the lady asked us to use spoon for serving the food… yes, that is normal but we eat by hands!!! (she never asked us to wash hands) French girl said yes yes French people are dirty! But you eat with hands anyway, I said there are many things contradictive here.  Canadian Girl agreed.  French girl started talking, “well, if my mother saw me eating by hands, she will shout at me! What are you doing? You are pig???!” Everybody laughed. 








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First Time Being In India Part 10(Organic Farm20120305-2) /初めてのインド Part10 (オーガニックファーム2012年3月5日―2) in English/ in 日本語

After I checked out the hotel, I headed to Organic farm for volunteering which I’d decided to go before.  I arrived around 5pm.  It was about 1hour by auto rikisha from Jaipur centre. From main road, perhaps 15min. I didn’t feel so far from the city, but after I see around here, it was definitely I can call country side or middle of nowhere.
As soon as I arrived, French girl walked in, felt a bit strange that this situation happened before. Like stranger come to village and urban European who got used to be there come to me and start talking, like they know everything about there, and I don’t know, so they will teach you all. 
“guys, new one came!” French girl shouted to others. One European looking girl and boy start approaching to me. Girls had wet hair and they were covering themselves with bath towel, I realised that they just had a shower or went to into pool, I remembered I decided to come here, because here was a swimming pool.
Manager of this farm came and registered me.  There was a strange guy called Latan was sitting next to manager, didn’t really feel good from him, seems they look a bit suspicious, but I always too critical about people for the first meeting.  Latan was keep laughing and smiling very strangely.  He seems like servant here.

Latan and other guy brought a bed for me, very basic bed. And show me the room which is also very basic, made of clay? straw-thatched roof? Sands everywhere?  I was a bit scared but did not care so much.  Then Suddenly, French girl start shouting as staff in the farms are here, “heeey! Please change my bed! Look it is sooo dirtyyyyy” in very strong French accent. She was picking the pillow between her fingers. “I cannot sleep here!”  We were laughing.  She was later, relaxing on the chair under the sun, headphone on her ear, wearing sun-glasses and laptop in front of her. 

I asked her what was the reason she came, and she said for relaxing and for fun, but the American boy I met was curious about organic farm. So there are many people came here for various reason.
There was a map on the wall in our volunteer cottages area. Whole farm is about 400mx400m, and there are three families, a chef, manager and boss’s family’s houses. There were narrow roads connect between the houses. Tall big trees are everywhere, and small trees on the farm. I was told that this farm is mainly for amla. (I wasn’t told this at all before I was coming here.)

We met the family who owns here. It seemed like other than the family, they cannot speak English.  There was a chef, he cooked the food all the time, for us and the family.  We most of the time prepare the food(like peeling the peas, sieving the flour etc.).
We introduce each other in front of our dining table, I roughly introduced by myself. Felt awkward doing so, being middle of nowhere. What if I stayed here forever? What If I cannot go back? There is the reason to introduce myself when I was in the city? The life in the city might not meaningful.  I thought it would be interested if we were putting the city people’s mind on the dining table in front of us here, and talk about our life.

「新しいのが来たわよ!」と彼女はみんなに伝える。ヨーロッパ人っぽい男と女の子が歩いてくる。女の子たちは濡れた髪で体全体にバスタオルを巻いていた。 シャワーかプールに入ったんだなと思う。僕がボランティアのファームをこの場所に決めた理由のひとつにプールがあるからということを思い出した。



この農地を所有するファミリーと会う。 ここではファミリー意外は英語を喋れないようだ。僕らとファミリーの食事を作るシェフがいる。常に彼が料理を作るようだ。料理の下ごしらえはいつもボランティアがやることになっていた。

僕らは食卓のテーブルの前で自己紹介をしあう。簡単に自分のことを語る。こんな人里はなれたところで少し不思議に思う。もしここに永遠にとどまったら?帰らなかったら? 都市で暮らす「僕」を紹介してなんの意味があるだろうか? こんな農家で目の前にあるテーブルに都市から来た僕たちがアイデアなり考えを並べあって、自分たちの人生について考えるのは面白いかもしれないと思った。

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英国中華料理パーティー/English Chinese Dinner Party In Japanese with English Translation 2012/07/24



When I was arranging my photos and I found this dinner photo. So I will talk about it.
I was invited by English dinner party. I had a tasty Chinese food by him. I think it is quite rare that English people cook Chinese. I wanted to know how to cook.  His friend who is video artist and they met each other in the bus, and his flat-mate and I was invited to the dinner.

We talked about sexuality and humanity. The talk was a bit eccentric so I would absolve this conversation in my mind and will use them for my ideas later on…

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2012/08/13 Dream of a baked man face fish  人面魚焼きの夢

Dreamt about Taiyaki

But real… it looked also like jinmengyo

so, creepy and unreal but very realistic 5-7 Koi were floating on the water.

They seemed to be swimming in the small manmade pond. Square and made of stones… they try to jump down from the pond. I felt they are trying to kill themselves… but in fact there were water underneath and they were safe. Somehow there was a connection to the lake above them so they can go back... 

It was a bit like Maurits Cornelis Escher’s painting.

written by Satoshi Date 2012/08/14






文 伊達 賢 2012/08/14

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2012/07/31 night

2012 07 31 Keith Richards dream in English / 日本語

dremat about Keith Richards when he was young.
He was trying hard to sing over the rolling stones song, but band member were so old(current rolling stones)

today I found young Keith Richards on the online Magaine by coincidently.
the magazine was sent to my email 16:25pm 1st of August 2012


今日 のemailに送られてきた(16:25pm 1st of August 2012)