Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Satoshi meets a great rock(Nirvana esp.) photographer Ed Sirrs / Smells like Satoshi’s spirit ・サトシ・ダテ ミュージシャン写真家エド・サーズと会合する(ニルヴァーナなど)スメルズ・ライク・サトシズ・スピリット English/日本語

Satoshi met and talked with a rock musician photographer Ed Sirrs, He has taken photos of
Nirvana, Oasis, Blur, Manic Street Preachers, Sound Garden, Suede, Tom Waits and many great artists.

Many are focused on emerging time of their success history. He has quite a lot of unrevealed precious film photos of greatest 90’s rock musicians.

We had a dinner and chat for 2-3hours and very interesting to talk about what he sees the world. He offered to design his unrevealed early Nirvana photo book for me. 

I am not massive fun of Nirvana, but I like their passion. Sometimes in my brain, the very last lyrics of “smells like teen spirit”  I actually thought it was a desire or desire(my English skill was horrible, also I saw the Japanese translation, sexual desire, long time ago). It is in fact “A denial”

When I come across about sexual thing and people cannot control it. That part of song echoing my head. But anyway it is not desire, it is a denial, and also Kurt thinks this song and lyrics are rubbish as he said made a pop song and copied from Pixies. Nevertheless, this was key song for them, perhaps this song was their unconsciousness song.

As he committed suicide, maybe he wanted to deny himself and he did not like what he is doing .. and become that song. He wrote without any thoughts composed the song of his real life.

Words Satoshi Dáte





ところがこれはDesireではなく「Denial」であって全然関係ない。しかも彼はこの曲や歌詞は「ゴミ」と評価している。売れたためにそう思ったのかもしれないが、兎に角この曲のために彼らは商業的な成功を収めた。 彼が自殺をしたように、もしかしたらこれは無意識で作り上げた彼(彼ら)の曲なのかもしれない。自分を否定していた、気に食わないものが曲となって苦しみを作り出したのかもしれない。何も考えずに書いた下らない歌詞が彼をあらわしたのかもしれない。