Sunday, 31 July 2011

Killing your own mind Hackney Wicked 2011 /心を殺すーハックニーウィッキド2011年 /20110731-001

I went to Hackney Wicked (festival? In Hackney Wick) yesterday. I might go today just to see some art works. I went last year and it was quite exciting. Everywhere you can hear the live music, full of artistic(?) people, many friends from East bumped into each other.

It is like re-union party, at the top roof of the big building, they play live band music in a dark. You can see the whole view of Hackney Wick, across the river there is a quiet residential building. People in the apartment, some might be annoyed, some might enjoying the excitement across the river. Yesterday was ok. The same thing. Same craziness. Full of Spanish, Brazilian and French people. It was less interesting than last year.

In the crowd, there is a girl keeps complaining that I am pushing her. It was in the crowd so there is no way avoiding pushing or pulling by someone. Someone behind pushed me anyway… then she grabs my arms and make me fall down from the step
“ if you push me again I ll smack your face!!!!!!”
Why people are so aggressive? I really believe those people make a conflict or a war…
Calm down people. Why do you have to be so irritated and upset? What you are not satisfied in your life?
I am afraid of people. If I imagine if the world ends came (like no human system no government ruled) perhaps those aggressive people will take over the land and do some selfish thing.

I won’t say, “ Stop the war “ like a broken tape player. Small conflict is everywhere, and they do not understand it is just in front of you. I am not saying you have to be peaceful and loving each other… just train yourself everyday and be mature. You will not shout at people so easily. You maybe allowed to shout at animals or human who is going to kill you but not to offend to the sheep.





なんでこんなに戦闘的な人間が多いのだろうか? このような人間が争いを起こすのだろうなとつくづく思う。落ち着けピープル。 なんでそんなにいらつき、怒る必要があるのか?なにが不満だ?


Saturday, 2 July 2011

'Routes of Being' LookBook Goddess / ゴッデス


Hand-dyed raw silk corset dress with asymmetric back lacing

Product No: 111-029-33-06-72-08




製品番号: 111-029-33-06-72-08

Friday, 1 July 2011

'Routes of Being' LookBook Roaming / ローミング


Hand-dyed pure silk dress with deconstructed neckline

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製品番号: 111-034-33-06-31-12