Thursday, 13 May 2010

Women are pure and Men are dirty? 女性は清らかで、男性は汚れている? (English & 日本語)

As an image, woman is the icon of beauty, pure, grace, beautiful and giving love to people. Man is strong, protecting family, working and training to develop inner mind for his life.
This is just my image. I am sure other people have different image for both.The men’s image which could be roughness, wildness, strength and women’s pure and clean image, both of them use them as their weapon and shield.
Prostitution or some sort, there are many on internet, because it can be good business.Perhaps, men are not wild(dirty) or women are pure, but those people try to expand the image and play the game with those tools. An woman who feels pleasure because she is going to be dirtier or A man who feels good to make women dirty.
To break the image of pureness that is the act of destroy, so they feel pleasure. They want to connect sexual idea with them. Human beings need that stimulation so much?
If they can step back and see themselves very carefully. They will realise that sex is not that dirty, they create the image of dirtiness and forbidden idea of sex by their tools. If there is a love, sex is no longer dirty or forbidden.

風俗や性を売る商売。お金になるからインターネットにもはびこる。欲求を売り物にして。男性は汚くもなく、女性も清らかでもないのかもしれない。でもそれを大げさにし、男性と女性でゲームをプレイしている様。 自身が汚れることに快感を持つ女性、汚れているものが自分の世界に入る快感。汚れさせることに快感を持つ男性。

*Painting Details*
Title: women&men
Media: acrylics,ink,crayon and silk on paper
by Satoshi Date

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The first fashion promotion video what i have directed! 初監督ファッションプロモーションビデオ!(English & 日本語)

I have directed first promotion video on Youtube.
Please have a look and leave a comment.

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