Saturday, 23 March 2013

Ice Age is coming to London 氷河期再来 in London 2013-03-23 in English/ in 日本語

Went to my friend’s leaving party. Oh god! How many leaving parties in London every month! So many people come and go in this country. Surely they need so many airports in London. Highgate, so nice and calm atmosphere. Heavy snow! It doesn’t seem like I am in London. I guess ice age is coming very soon.
There are some Japanese and Europeans at the party. I talked about “ART” with a Japanese performance artist who I met before. She said she is thinking to do collaborative art show in June, so we said we can maybe work together. 

 Israeli guy started talking to me, I was curious, about Israel now, so I asked about identity and how the situation there. He said many young people try to go abroad, but some people are patriotic and they think they have strong identity being Israeli.  Before, people need a country to have their own value, but not any more nowadays. I really need Japan to be myself, but some countries which is united or separated recently, they don’t have so much meaning for their own countries, I guess.

 I left the party with a Japanese woman who has the same voice, way of speaking, face to my friend, and her English husband. The snowed scenery was quite pretty, and didn’t make us think we are in London. We took some photographs. 

 The guy told me funny story. He said ‘I had to be here at Christmas this year, as I had been away for Christmas in Japan for 4 years’ so I wondered and asked why. ‘I am an atheist, but her family is Christian, yeah, it is very calm and nice atmosphere at Christmas, and I feel more Christmas in Japan.’ Interesting. He said his family just get drunk and quite rude. So he doesn’t really want to spend the time for Christmas in England, even though he doesn’t need to care as he is an atheist…




Sunday, 17 March 2013

India reminds me China town in NY. First Time Being In India(Organic Farm) /初めてのインド(オーガニック農園) Part18  2012/03/10

Talked with one of farmer’s wife, they have to work 7days a week, no holiday in a year, means no holiday at all in decades. Get only 3000ruppes/month, Canadian girl wanted to support , giving 1000 rupees to help G for moving Delhi to find works. As he was planning to do so, They are very young.

But I think it is not good to give money or power to the people who don’t know how to deal with it, well he might appreciate, but sometimes, this action, is proving that money is important. For those people maybe not… sometimes giving money or make them richer do not sort the problem out.
Now I kind of want to support them, buying land and do organic farms by themselves.  Build a Hotel which serves organic food?

I wonder what our chef  had been thinking in his head when he was nothing to do and just sitting down outside the kitchen. Staring at the field.  Today, I had a moment, when all the farmers are resting, peaceful moment after tiring work. Man is listening to the Indian music from his mobile phone, His phone is the only the technology he holds, what they have is 3000 rupees / month and their beautiful children, no home but the farm owner lent them, concrete bricks small home. I don’t know what they are thinking this moment, I do not know how they guess what we are thinking and what we are doing in the other countries.

One of our volunteer said, if they want to get out from what they are, they can, perhaps they don’t . 7days a week working, but in Japan, some place they do, too. So what is the difference? Is Caste? What about workaholic in Japan?  Tonight this kind a “moment” made me remember the Chinese restaurant in China Town in NY. Where I had a dinner with a charming lady who I bumped into each other at college. After the hot day, around 3-5pm. With a nice cool wind near the window covers us and made us think about new life, with calm talking lady, next day I was about to leave the country.





Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Mariana Camiloti / the place Robin Howard Dance Theatre in English & in Japanese 日本語 2012/02/09

I went to see the place Robin Howard Dance Theatre Resolution! 2013 The world’s biggest platform for new dance.

Mariana Camiloti 27 Dragonflies

This place you can see a new contemporary dance show, not too big but good quality.
I found an interesting image on the website. A girl’s face with a big green balloon. She was peeking from the green balloon,but with full of confidence. I usually decide to go if I had a good impression from the image of events. 

My instinct is always right.

The place was quite big place, located in Euston.

All the audience was asked to keep the green balloon. I sat on the seat, and the show started.  With relaxing music, repetitive but nice like Brian Eno or can be my music.
Dancer appears and she is so relaxed. All the movement.

I felt she is different, her existence.. yes that is. The human quality. Only in live you can feel. Art it is. You need to feel it at present (in this case human body) like an abstract painting, when I was young I didn’t get abstract paintings. So I went to abstract expressionism exhibition in Tokyo, then I felt it. There is no need to explain. I felt more real than some realistic figurative paintings. So real, so lively. Doesn’t matter that there is a human or an apple figure on the canvas, if there is a spirit inside.

Yes, she exists, more than normal feeling of existence. She is not a model looking, but she knows her body and how to make herself beautiful, sexy, cute and human like.
Then she started blowing green balloon, and just let the air go out. And she moves with balloon, again and again.

Her shadows are on the big wall behind, so real and unreal. This is the moment of meeting point of the unknown world and this world.

She lines up the balloon, rapidly, endlessly tried make them straight but balloons kept moving by air. This reminds me about my past me trying to line up the mini cars instead of playing with them, my cousin felt very weird of my behaviour. 


I was a bit afraid that whole thing would be disaster when she asked us to pass blew up balloons to her to complete her dream during the play, but she did it well at the edge of reality and unreality. 

She finishes with beautiful dance using her whole strength and skill. just one minute, so she danced (as general dancing) only a minute of her entire show and this really worked well. 
I felt dance is not about dancing. It is about how to communicate with people by their own bodies. If you can feel what they are trying to convey.  

ロビン・ハワード・ダンスシアター2013 ニューダンスのための世界一大きな舞台を見に行く
マリアナ・カミロッティ 27ドラゴンフライズ











Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Violent Indian <夢> 凶暴インド人 in English / 日本語 20130222

Block of buildings. High and tall mansions. Like in Japan, Korea or Hongkong. Remind me my uncle place in Chiba. Many of them… I was maybe living there. Inside, is like a English council flat, like old one and horrible silver metal lift. So cold… dirty floor, almost rotten. Rotten everywhere. So two or three figure was there. I went down.

Wide open space… under the building. Indian guy who wore helmet, attacked me, punched me many times, I was breeding but I could not fight against him as he was wearing helmet. I did not want to fight but my rage came back… from my youth.

I came back to the building. At the end of the corridor, the Taiwanese girl who I liked was selling her flowers or accessories. Looked very miserably, but she was so happy, and she wasn’t hesitating me, on the right hand side there was a door, the door for someone’s flat. It was opened, her friend was there. They didn’t see me like looser, they were friendly.

I went down again. The Indian guy was not wearing helmet, so he was scared, he was scared of me beating him up, but I didn’t. he was wondering.

2nd place. Oh yes. Strange interesting room again. Room like.. room like rich house, colourful but quite small. And rooms are connected to other rooms. It would be like motel in U.S if you look at this building from the top(in a way looks like my parents’ house. I realised after the dream). Outside of the room, the ground were constructed by 12cm square red bricks(like my parents’ house). One side of the wall in the room was made of glass, so people can see us from outside. No curtains.

2-3kids were in the room. Sofa, tv etc. Kids made a fun of me, but I was trying to teach them about life. They became quiet, and they start respecting me, one of a boy followed me, and I showed my room, my room was close to their room. Just about 5m away.  Room was slightly bigger than theirs… so just about.. just about I could proud of myself. Bed, and white tv.. everything was white. Same as kids’ room.  I thought How Pathetic..I am. How.. how
Because I have almost same room as they have and I was trying to tell them I am bigger than them.
But oh yes, I remember I kept saying how pathetic to him.

四角い建物, 背の高いマンションたち。日本や韓国で見るような、香港でも見ることができる。千葉に住む伯父の家を思い出す。沢山の建物、たぶんぼくはそこに住んでいたのだろう(ゆめのなかで)。中身は、まるでイギリスのカウンシルフラットのようだった。そう古臭い、灰色のエレベーター、寒くて、床は汚く、腐っている様で。2,3つの体の影をみる。



2つ目の場所。そう。変わった場所。部屋は… まるでお金持ちの部屋。カラフル。けれどとても小さい。部屋は別の部屋とつながっていて連なっていた。上から見た図はアメリカのモーテルのようだった(あるいみ実家と同じつくりだ、夢のあとに気付く)。外の地面は赤い12cm正方形のレンガで出来上がっていた(まるでぼくの実家の家のように)。部屋の一つの壁はすべてガラスで出来ているだから外からまるみえだ。