Friday, 27 May 2011

'Routes of Being' LookBook Milestones / マイルストーンズ 20110527

Silk/cotton blend dress with gathered pathway seams and hand dyed viscose slip with jagged hem

Product No: 111-012-31-21-62-10




Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Back to the UK /イギリスに帰還  in English and Japanese(日本語訳あり) 20110524

Back to the UK /イギリスに帰還  in English and Japanese(日本語訳あり) 20110524

I am back to the UK! I met many interesting people in Japan. I had many inspiring conversation with them, like how we can improve our life, how we need to change the world from now on. I have delivered many lectures at Japanese universities including Kyoto University of Art and Design, Kyoto Seika Art University, Nara Women’s University, Toho Music University, Tokyo Golden Talk, Textile Club in Waseda University.

At University, I have talked about what is important things when you live in other countries, The key of how we communicate with other nationalities and be successful in many ways in your life is to develop yourself and try to succeed and overcome the difficulties when you face to the wall in your life and so on.

You can find some links below which you can find the details of talk

Kyoto University of Art and Design

Kyoto Seika Art University

Tokyo Golden Talk

イギリスに戻りました! 日本では今回様々な人に出会い、僕たちの生活を向上する案、これからの世界についてなどインスピレーションを受ける会話を沢山しました。また授業、講演を京都造形芸術大学、京都精華大学、奈良女子大学、東邦音楽大学、新しい表現の会、早稲田大学繊維研究会にて行なわせてもらいました。






Sunday, 1 May 2011

Calm Sakura / 静かな桜 in English / 日本語

I got used to come back to Japan. It means that I am not surprised. Get out from the airport, Jump on the train and I see the slow views from the window. A bit of humidity, all green, warm air is coming through from the window. Children play in the train quietly. How can it exist such a peaceful country? Perhaps the world calmest and the most peaceful country. England make me abstract then it puts my body into mixer, bring back to Japan. So I become wind and feel Japan.

Every time I come back to Japan, I feel like I bring a big souvenir. Souvenir which is myself, I got mature , gray cloud vanish above Japan (Which I thought there was), I don’t look down people, all the people become scenery and part of my life. Beautiful women and children. How I see things differ. Everyone looks pure and adorable. Just realised that I haven’t been back to Sakura time in Japan for 10years.

Scent of spring although a bit of radiation, I just came here to breath Japanese air, air that create by Japanese nature.
Never stop reincarnation.
Nature breathes in our anxiety and suffer, then trees keep giving me adequate energy
I think Japan is beautiful country. I don’t know why it’s so peaceful and calm.

As Japan is my mother country. It would be great if everyone in the world come here and feel it by their skin. If so, they will understand many things what I say. Why do Japanese people who left here to other country hate so much to Japan? There are problems everywhere. It is impossible to feel this nature in the other countries. The dimension is different. It is worth to come here just to breathe in.


もう日本に帰るのは慣れた。慣れたと言うのはもう驚かないと言うこと。空港から電車に乗り、一面の窓からゆっくりと動く景色が見える。湿気があり緑に覆われ暖かい風が窓から入る。子供たちは電車の中で静かに遊び、こんな平和な国が存在するのだろうかと疑問に思う。世界一平和な国は日本なのかもしれない。 イギリスが僕を抽象化しミキサーにかけられたように分解されて、日本へとおくりもどす、だからぼくは風となり感じる。日本を。

帰るたびに僕は大きなお土産を持ってきている。それは成長した自分自身で僕が創造していた灰色の大きな雲なんてものは日本の上空には存在しない。人を見下すことなく、皆は景色と同化してぼくの人生の一つとなっている。美しい女性と子供たち。全てのものが違って見える。皆がとても純粋で尊重の出来る存在と変化していた。 桜の時期に帰るのは10年振りだと自覚する。少しの放射能はあるが春の香りがする。ここに帰って来たのは日本の空気を吸うため。日本の自然に作られた空気。

輪廻は永久に続く。 僕たちの悩みや苦しみを自然は吸い込み、それを僕たちのエネルギーとして与えてくれる。 日本は美しい国だと思う。 何故こんなに平和でゆったりと時が流れるのか。