Sunday, 30 September 2012

Roxanne Kirigoe Dream ロクサン・キリゴエ・ドリーム in English / in 日本語2012 09 14

Well, I was there, concrete block again. Making garments. All alone, or just staring at the garments I made. Burgundy jacket. There were rows of rooms. Like class room. Dealing something with 3 rooms at the same time. The security came. And he was shouting at me, that I have to leave. And red lump above the door flashes. I was rushed so I locked the door without switching the light off. So I was like ‘ oh no!’ , well never mind.
Later, I guess I was at the meeting about fashion. Reminded me Kyoto Zokei uni… I was lecturing.
Roxanne Kirigoe was there, she had very smooth skin and very pretty, she smiles at me, I was happy that I knew her. And I was so proud of myself I know her in the class. She waves at me and I wave at her. She says something intelligent and everybody was listening. I wonder how she ages, she might be beautiful even she is aged.

えーっと。そう。またコンクリートのブロック。服をつくる。ひとりで。それかただ服を見つめてた。 エンジ色のジャケット。部屋が連なる。クラスルームみたいに。3つのクラスを同時に仕事する。(なにを?)。



Thursday, 27 September 2012

David Bowie invited me to his house. デビット・ボウイが家に僕を招く。 2012-09-13 in English/Japanese

A little bit dim atmosphere. Concrete walls, one square window, were there. My best friend Federico was there. He let me drive his beloved car 500 outside of Rome, So wide road, no one is there, which reminds me an American road. He let me go for 100m. and he said
 ‘Yes Satoshi, you can do whatever, this guy is amazing!’
Only I was going straight…
Maybe because of that memory. In the dream, he offered me a small car. Very tiny as children’s toy car. There was an engine. Seems like normal car. I said I can drive with this. He let me drive on that. He said costs 1000British pounds, but he gave me it. I was so happy that I got a car finally although I do not have a driving license. I go up and down the slope with the car.

Huge gate was there. Seemed in the night. Iron gate, thickness was about more than 10cm. I climbed up the gate. The top of the gate was jaggy so I could not stay stably. I remember Federico was still there. Looking up. He spoke something loud to me.

Over the gate there was a luxurious house made of concrete, reminded me Tadao Ando. The house was half buried into the ground. Like Chicyu art Museum

When I entered the house, David Bowie welcomed warmly. He asked me to hold his son. The son seems 5-7years old, he was so beautiful and I held him like I was holding a baby. He was so white and he was blonde.

We were fell down into layers of blanket on the bed.(all white), the boy was flirting with me like he was in love with me.
David disappeared from site. His wife appears. She looks fairly normal and seemed to be around 40 years old, she was white and had a blonde hair. I was with a female friend but not sure who she was.
I went to the toilet.

This is interesting toilet. Full of grey concrete. 3m high ceiling. 7m depth. There was a different toilet inside the toilet in the middle. Covered by white tiles. I felt someone inside, so I didn’t feel comfortable going inside. Going further. On the right , there was huge space.  There were two device looks like fountains on the floor towards the space and between, there was some kinds of stairs. Seemed like I could go down from there. From my position there were 10m distance down to another floor in the space. I really wanted to pea so I did it towards the device, then the stairs appeared. I was scared of me pissing on the floor, I turned 90degrees left, then continuing pissing. Seemed like the place I was peeing was the toilet.
I just imagined David and his wife was showering together in that big space. So I realised that space is the big bath room. Seemed that there was a shower on the corner at the depth.

When I went back to the room. I slept and stayed over there one night.

Next morning, I had a breakfast there. I was told to open the freezer, and there was a narrow small space in it, and I found ice bar. I was eating that and I started talking to David. I asked him whether he has been to Japan before. He said he wants to go, especially Kyoto. And I said ‘ better go to Nara, Nara has a tradition and cozy, and I like there. But you must have been to Japan for making music clips?’
He said ‘of course, you know the song ’ I did not know the song so I pretended that I have known.

Result of prediction
Next day, I saw a beautiful boy in the Microsoft advert on the Metro newspaper(Sep.14th). My assistant has taken a photograph of a cute boy in London Fashion Week and posted on facebook.



家に入るとDavid Bowieはこころよく迎えてくれた。彼の子供を抱いてくれといってくる。こどもは5-7歳くらいだがとても美しい男の子で僕はゆっくり彼を赤ん坊を抱くように斜めに抱く。金髪で肌が真っ白だった。




その次の日にみた美しい少年はMicrosoftの宣伝の男の子だった(9月14日のメトロに乗っている)。僕のアシスタントがLondon Fashion Weekでかわいい男の子を撮ってFacebookにのせていた。