Wednesday, 10 February 2016

No need to worry about AGE 歳について気にすることはない。

If you always remind your age that is like looking at the tip of sword all the time.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

ダンス公演 in Tokyo 「踊る身体とファッションテキスタイル」 2016/02/11 

「踊る身体とファッションテキスタイル」 2016/02/11
Satoshi Dáteが

今回、西田 秀己さんのチームで衣装デザインを担当させて頂きました。

I am doing Costume Design for "Developing Artist Project" by Ministry of Culture in Tokyo. It is Dance project, so no need to know Japanese language. My team is Hidemi Nishida's. There are A and B program, but there is no differences. details are above link. It will be great if you could manage to come.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Teaching philosophy to 5 years old kid will change our world.  5歳の子供に哲学を教えることで世界を変えられる。in English/in Japanese 日本語

At a pub in manor house 10pm on some Friday, Talked with my friend who teaches philosophy to 5 years-12 years kids. We said “Oh 5 years? They understand?” 
He said “Actually 5 years kid understands more than adult people, adult people don’t have open minded brain” he answered confidently.

I believe that everyone has to be philosophical and keep asking why for our life. The world is constructed now, we do not to question. We only need to believe whatever we have in front of us. 

Society don’t want us to think, or be philosophical and they think our society become more chaotic. 

I think this is opposite. If we become more intelligent in a philosophical way, we will be more efficient and think about future in a bigger scale. 

At the moment there are many people who can get benefit in a “fast running” system. We better stop and think, then GO.


僕らは「5歳に哲学なんて、わかるのか?」 彼は自信満々にこう答えた「5歳の方が頭がかたい大人よりずっと哲学に関して理解力がある。」




 今の状態は、「速い動き」のシステムで得する人間ばかりで社会がなりたっている。僕たちはいま「止まって」 「考えて」 そして「進む」ことが重要だと思う。