Monday, 15 April 2013

Beautiful past and present merge into one. (Dream) Draft 20130415

Had a beautiful dream. I haven’t seen such a beautiful dream for a long time. It was a funeral, but everybody was in the Japanese sport hall. Facing each other. Me and my brother next each other, doing seiza. And probably my cousin.

In front of us, there are bunch of adult people, seems like they are waiting for photograph to be taken. You know for memory they take photos.. traditional one, so some people are sitting and some standing, some on the standing base. My dead grand mother was there, my mother’s side. And maybe her dead brother( could not recognise but my brother or someone told me that is our relatives) and possibly my grandfather. No father’s side.

 I was happy, so excited, in a dream I don’t even remember they were dead. Oh yes. I was little child in the dream. And they were so young. Probably younger age than when I was born. Forgot that was funeral (I didn’t really care most of the time anyway). So I was looking for my mum, as I was happy to see all my relatives being ‘young’ I was looking for my mum who must be young as well.

She appeared with beautiful smile, approached to us, I was not sure when I was young I was jealous to my brother, but I didn’t feel that this time. So young and beautiful. Every moment she moves, I can see the aura and brightness. I was just staring at her, my eyes follows wherever she goes, yes I was like that when I was child. Almost like fall in love with her. Even a moment if I wasn’t with her, I die. I cried. I know my mother hasn’t been dead! But I was so happy to see her. I totally remember that feeling, and now I do not care about her so much. We hardly talk each other. I was afraid that she would notice as I was staring at her all the time. Because I knew my body was child but my mind was in a present.

I heard that when people die all you remember is about our own mother. Mother is precious for everyone. All the mother have to act like muse and respectful, which is tough job I guess. And I feel again that we must respect women more.

Somehow I felt, I had to create master piece, beautiful music and art that people cry. I must do it.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Water tax (Dream) 2013-04-11(10th night) Draft

Met a guy who seems important. He was a governor, I found out it later.
he was very kind and nice guy, he was supposed to be my father's friend.
he said "oh did you read the newspaper? that is me I decided to do, every products which contains or used water,
people need to pay that water"
I didn't really understand
"so tissue and stuff.. we have to pay extra money for water?"
"yes yes"

later I was in the car(becomes a room later)
I was talking to a guy(Asian?) and watching a monitor. very nice cool electronic sound. then
my friend who is similar to Masahiko Kondo(80's singer) started singing. and became awful.
I said "we don't need a singer..."

I was near Hackney Marsh. three kids were chasing me. I was cycling the Marsh. getting dark, but very comfortable.
went to river side, try to find the station. Homerton then Stratford, it became Kichijoji in Tokyo.


at 2013-04-11 9:35am when I open the facebook my facebook friend was on the picture with governor in Taiwan, talking about Water Dam--

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I’ll be assassinated by spring onion industry! 葱業者に明日暗殺されます。2013-04-10

You don’t have to buy spring onion anymore!
All you need to do is buy( you have to buy once…) spring onion or leek, then you cut near the loots then put in the water! Change the water occasionally. They grow!


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Met Hitonari Tsuji (Dream)2013 04-07 (06 night) (draft)

Just a brief ( I will write complete one later)

Met Hitonari Tsuji, also his wife Miho Nakayama. I wasn’t really pay attention to his wife. Messy room like artistic place. That maybe hall of his mansion. I started talking to him to explain why we are similar and he started climbing up the huge stairs. He didn’t care about me. He had a short hair, very short. He shut the door at the end, I looked like a crazy fan of him, but he showed me a strange look to me. Those eyes were telling me he wanted to talk to me in his mind.

In the train. There was a beautiful oriental woman. I could not see, two men were interested in her. One of fat business man, started talking to her with his joke, then she said “huh?” she wasn’t try to rude, she just didn’t know what he was doing. Then his friend? Or his wife? Similar age as him(middle age) took his arm “come on you are just fan, don’t try so hard” < this scene was very realistic…>  and she took him outside of the train.

Black man, who is from Softbank advert. Came to my house. From backyard, he opened the door even there was no door. He was friend of K (my assistant) or other assistant(man). Then I was complaining him that he came from back yard.