Friday, 21 October 2011

I AM SMALL 2011/10/21 both in English and Japanese

You think that I am small? not big? not successful? You are eating your nails and waiting for me to be huge.
You are wrong, I am just waiting for the right moment, right big wave to come, there are several waves around here, art movements, music, emotions.
I have everything here, you are here, she is and he is. My parts are in yours, look at your heart, I am there! There! I will be growing with you, and we will be big and enormous.
Watch carefully, waves coming with you and me, then everything will be like a festival.

芸術の波、音楽、君たちの感動。全てはここにある。きみもいる。彼女も、彼も。 僕の部品は君の中にある。


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Communication Discussion at Toho Music Uni./ 東邦音楽大学 コミュニケーション論 クラス 2011.10.10

I had a class at Masaki Tokutomi's Communication Discussion in Toho(東邦) Music University on 2011.04.21
It was the first University Class I did in Japan.

I had a talk about how we communicate differently with other languages, culture and environment.
I also talked about my concept and how I "communicate" with people through my works.

Here is their feedback after my class.Please have a look.
There are English translation after the image.

Thank you very much Mr.Tokutomi for this opportunity.



I want you to give me some of your inspiration…

It is eye opening to know that Japanese people can be successful though they couldn’t get into famous Japanese art universities because artistic technique plus label of university is very important in Japan. But Britain is different, and more open. I think it’s very nice.

I study classic music and it was a great opportunity to listen to a professional from a different field. Thank you!

I learned from your talk that situation in Japan and Britain is interestingly different. From now on, I want to talk to people from foreign countries.

Very motivational. I don’t know about fashion but it is very impressive that you create things from very first with your own idea!

I wear cheap clothes. I hated brands because I thought people like them only because it is expensive. But your talk changed my mind. I learned there is a decent reason and idea behind it. I want to learn more about fashion. Thank you so much!

I was moved with your video clips that I got goose bumps. Your thought was too deep and it made me think. I was motivated and very lucky to listen to you today.

Your talk was very real and practical!

I am going be inspired in Vienna, Austria where I am visiting for training soon. I want to talk to Austrians as many as I can by being brave!

Mr. Date’s glasses and hairstyle are curious…

Friday, 7 October 2011

It is strange that… ( poem by Satoshi Date )

It is strange that you seem like you are younger
It is strange that you seem like you are older than me

a glance to you
a glance from you

abstract and all mixed in my heart

little men inside of me trying to build up a house from all

a tiny house just enough to be with you to have a nice time together.

Sleep well
sleep well

We see sometime soon
we see together in our dreams

warm and calm dream for you