Friday, 28 December 2012

Misleading Our Passion (How wars work) Film Work

Created a film inspired the war


Saturday, 22 December 2012

3000years of Routine in the farm. India 3000年の農家の日々の生活 インド 2012/03/08-01 in English and Japanese

Finished reading Hinduism part of Religion book that I’d been reading.
Understand Indian culture through Hinduism, it seems very organized system but at the end it is chaos,,, very strange..

I sometimes helped the chef, like sieving the flour, mixing the flour with water to make bread.
I cannot believe that he has been serving the family for more than 20 years, he must know the farmers when they were children. 

I can see this long period of routine. Perhaps even when the Buddha was born. This routine has never changed. The chef cooked for rich family, and he worked and lived there, he knows all the farmers and they grow each other, sometimes chef died or farmers die, but then replacement. Rich family also died but carried by their children. 

僕がこのとき読んでいた宗教の本のヒンズー教の部分を読み終わる。 インドの文化というものを少し理解した。 彼らはとても組織がちゃんと作られているようだがカオスの中に創られているようだ。



Friday, 21 December 2012

at Can Fashion be updated?ファッションは更新できるか会議 にて 2012-11-17-02

At the meeting, a journalist asked me what I want to do through clothing. I said I want to convey my ideas and concepts through clothing and influence the wearer not just outside but inside, their soul and they will carry on influencing others with my ideas by wearing them.

He said most of designers do not have any ideas what they are doing, perhaps they just create what they want to make but not thinking deeply.

Like a piece of art, if there is a deep mind onto the clothes and everyone wears that, I think people will be fulfilled more.




Monday, 10 December 2012

ファッションは更新できるか会議 会議 vol.2 『「対価の改新」! Can Fashion be updated? Meeting vol.2 in English / 日本語 2012-11-17 

Next day of my Japan arrival, arts and law  invited me to this event.
The place was at ESmod  I thought they will talk about fashion but it wasn’t really about fashion. It was interesting what they’ve talked.
The topic was
1.       The development of SNS, sell and buy between individual and exchanging the information. What is the movement of EC site and big fashion industry.
2.       Analyzing the act of consuming and new system of purchasing and selling
3.       Does Fund will connect the act of consuming and what is the relationship with fashion?

The guests were the director of these below

Gathering  and arranging  the information of an individual automatically then show all these information to the people
Encyclopedia of things
Gallery and market of handmade artists which you can communicate with each artists.

They talked about how they share the information and to sell products in innovative way.
I met and talked with Theatre products Ms.Kanamori, Editor of WWD Japan, Designer MITSUSHI YANAIHARA, Manga night Yasuhiro Yamanouchi

I felt that the fashion is now changing a little by little. We are now in the era of not following big brand or trend, the wearer create their own clothes. The designers might become providers to give ideas or tips, and get closer to consumer.


日本について翌日。arts and law  に招待され
会議 vol.2 『「対価の改新」!インターネット時代の新しい販売』
に出席。会場は恵比寿のエスモードESmod で行われた。ファッションがEventの題に含まれているので、ファッションについての議論が濃いかと思ったがそうでもなかった。
  1. SNSの発達、個人間の売買や情報共有および、量販サイトや大手企業の動向
  2. 新しい消費行動や売買の仕組みの可能性について検証。
  3. はたしてファンドは新しい消費行動につながる可能性はあるのか。ファッションとの相性は?

ひとについてウェブ上で公開されている情報を自動的に収集・整理し、 ひとつのページにまとめる





そこでTheatre Productsの金森さん、WWDJapanの記者さん、デザイナー矢内原 充志さん マンガナイトの山内康裕さん達とお話が出来ました。


Monday, 3 December 2012

Prophetic Dream Amagasaki Murderer 2012/10/23(22nd night) 予知夢 尼崎の事件 2012年10月23日(22日の夜) in English/in Japanese

There were big stairs, about 30cm high. I climb up about 15 steps. There were huge concrete(stones?) European style houses in row. I entered, then on the right hand side, there was a small high ceiling room. There was a Japanese style(looked like it) marble toilet. I had to go to toilet.

Going outside, then I walked the top part of the stairs. And to reach open space. Met a few people on the way and in the toilet. Reminds me of Dali Painting…
I arrived something like a tent. Met a Hong-kong guy. He said to me
‘There is something strange thing going on in Hong-Kong. Terrible thing’
I said ‘ oh murder? How many has been dead?’ ‘about a few…’
I asked, ‘the murderer is Hong-kong? And victim ?’ I thought this was very important question. ‘Both Hong-Kong people’  I was relaxed that there were not Japanese.
But he said ‘oh come on! You know there were much more horrible thing is happening in Japan?’ I didn’t say anything. ‘Many has been murdered, I guess. It’ll be more than 10 people.  I asked again ‘Is the criminal Japanese?’ he said ‘well, I don’t know about that, you need to find out.’

I think this dream is about Amagasaki homicide case 

I did not know about this case ‘til I have seen the video on youtube. When I told my assistants about the dream, they told me it might be about this case. I do not have a tv and don’t have any information about recent news in Japan.
It is interesting that I was asking the HK guy about the nationalities, and the number of murders are almost the same and on today they are still not sure the number of victims will be more than 7people or 10people.
you can see my tweet on on 23rd oct 2012