Monday, 31 August 2009

Cocktail Party 1st of Aug 09 / カクテルパーティー 2009年8月1日

Calling Bar tender , ice and crushed ice… ordered! Rum, gin, bourbon, fruit and fruit juice.. well etc. etc.
Got around 40 guest in the house party.
Full volume of music from the night to next morning. I do not like noisy party, but seems like many people are coming to the noisy party. Well loud party. If we say there are some loudness or aggressiveness in the party, they come… I want to do dinner party, but not so many , it will be too much to cook…
In Japan, it ll be different, if you do this kind of party, neighbour will complain and we will be outside the house next morning by landlord…
Individuality again. They do so I do and I want to do...
バーテンダーを呼び込んで 氷とクラッシュドアイス20kgを頼み、ラム、ジン、バーボン、フルーツとフルーツジュースなどなど。計40人のハウスパーティーをしました。
夜から次の日まで、音楽フルヴォリューム。僕はうるさいのは嫌いですが、ロンドンはやかましいパーティーに人が来るのが一般的(?)。  やかましい感じになると伝えると人が来る。ディナーパーティーというと人は来ない。でも大勢でディナーパーティーは大変なので。しばらくはしません。。。
日本だったら次の日即刻 退去命令を隣人から食らうでしょうが。ロンドンはなぜか大丈夫。

Monday, 10 August 2009

Fashion photo shooting / ファッションフォトシューティング

I did a fashion photo shooting with my direction.
taken my new collection and old one. Location was outside in the nature.
It was very very sunny, it will be a great result!
I will upload when we finish editing.

前回のショーでつくった新しいコレクションのものと過去作品をまぜて 自然の中で撮ってみました。
晴天にめぐまれ とてもよい作品がとれたとおもいます。
写真でき次第 アップロードします。

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Wakinihonjin / 湧き日本人

Today, during the teaching of drawing lesson.
I just thought..
there are Japanese students who came from Japan.

It is very normal thing. but they studied Japanese history, language
there are things that we do not have to explain between us.

There are always common things if we grew up at the same place...
even if we stayed other place for a long time.
this applies for anyone who lives in the foreign country and. who study at the language school, study philosophy at the university, wives of business men for foreign business

after I live so long and away from Japan. I feel like those people are welled from somewhere..

even if they said where are they from in Japan. I don get the idea..

all the Japanese People who hates Japan, people who love Japan and want to go back immediately, they have the common feeling between them.
which is very interesting...

its not just for us.. even Indian, Nigerian, Colombian are the same

when you see their face, how they dress, we can see they are foreigner of this country

various feeling in their mind, and packed their culture in their heart...
if you are in foreign country, you have many discovery.

Japan(any country) should encourage people to go abroad.
but they should have the great home make people to come back.
beautiful culture and society

heard that many English moves away from their country.

All the Japanese people who live in Japan go abroad and
see Japan with different angle
we can make "A" Japan what we want to be

今日 ドローイングの授業をして。
日本からきて ぼくのドローイングの教室に来ている人たちが居る。






日本が嫌いでここにきたひとも 日本が好きですぐに日本へ帰りたい人も

皆おなじ 共通の感覚があることが不思議だ。

顔を見て 服装をみて 現地の人とちがうだけで彼らは外国から来たことと分かる。



もちろん 帰ってくることが前提で、
帰ってきたくなる 文化や社会がある前提で。


日本に居るみんなが 海外に出て 日本のことをわかれば
もっといい 日本が作れると思う。