Monday, 2 August 2010



Why Chinese people run a business abroad with using other countries culture? Do you know a restaurant chain called Miso? I thought Japanese, but only MISO soup and teriyaki is Japanese and apart from that is all Cantonese or Chinese food…
I wonder people come back again… this is cheating!! I know Chinese are good at business, but yes Wagamama!!!I thought Japanese ,too. When I ate there, Ra-men is not Ra-men, its just Chinese noodle! Different!!
Then more I shocked was… I was going to buy a nice recipe book for my friend’s mother in Devon. I found WAGAMAMA book in Japanese recipe book shelf in Waterstone… OH MY GOD.
Another funny story. My friend who is CHEF( yes I am talking about you), went to Wagamama, he asked many things about Japanese stock, spice etc.
as he was educated by me, but waiter did not seem to be able to answer all his questions… He finally found all the food he ordered was not Japanese. And he shouted at waiter and he did not pay any penny and he was able to leave….
Why Japanese people are not good at run big business in other countries? I mean interms of food, clothes… only Muji and Uniqulo.. but it is kinda Chinese anyway…. (produced in China) or maybe they want to keep the quality?
But I never had great Japanese food here in London with budget of 10-15 Pounds
(It is horrible food they are searving even they are Real Japanese restaurant .maybe I am useless as I cannot afford more for food)
I want to see Japan which they keep the quality and tradition but they are introducing widely into the world.



僕はてっきり日本人が経営しているものだと思い込んでいたが、実際は味噌汁と照り焼き以外はすべて広東料理と中華料理ばかり。何度も足を運ぶ人がいることが信じられない!これは詐欺だ。。。 中国人がうまいビジネスをすることはもちろん知っていたけれど。。。