Sunday, 23 February 2014

pregnancy. 妊娠 2014/02/22-23

Dreamed something scary. I feel like I only dream nightmares. I dreamed such a nice dream when I was kid. Flying merry go-round. A beautiful girl who I would never see in the real life. Moving dream and made me cry. Perhaps my real life is getting better?

I was in a boutique. The owner who I work in fashion wasn’t really happy to look at me.
I showed my new fashion work. He didn’t care, he said “ I will be away for 4 days, can you show me later? In fact the quality of your works are not great, I actually wanted to tell you for a long time.”  Then he suggested me to talk to 4 experts.
I had to go to “Zashiki” (Japanese style room). And 4 middle aged men were waiting for me to talk. Then they started nasty conversation to me, it is almost telling me off, in unfair way, they did not want to hear any words from my mouth. They keep telling me what to do.
I was finally snapped and I was telling them off.

I was a little bit irritated about the shop owner didn’t tell me all but let these 4 to tell me. ( I cannot control my anger in a dream)

The scene has changed.

There was a girl I am in love(in the dream). The situation was like this. She wanted to have a baby of mine, but she could not wait for it, so she was going to have a baby with someone she knows around 40-50 year-old guy.

She was sitting and I was, on the table, she held my hands nicely. And she seemed so embrassed, but happy and blushed.
“Mr. Date… I was.. I was pregnant.”

I didn’t know what to say. Should I say congraturations? What do I have to do? Does she mean she wanted to grow the child together? Or she completely forget about my feeling and she was just happy that she was pregnant with other guy? Or simply she was happy to have a baby and wanted to share with me?

I was frightened and I woke up in the middle of night.






ぼくは唖然として。おめでとうといったらいいのか、どうなのか困惑した。いったい彼女はぼくの気持ちを忘れて、ただ嬉しい事を伝えたかったのか?僕といっしょに育てたいといいたいのか? それとも彼と一緒に過ごしたいのか。 それかただ子供を授かった感動をぼくと共感したかっただけなのだろうか?


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

An artist who I have consulted doing the exhibition in Paul Smith. コンサルタントをしたアーティストがポール・スミスで展示。Gumi chan/グミちゃん in English/日本語2014/02/11

An artist who I have consulted is having a tremendous success in short time, now she has an exhibition in Paul Smith shop in London.
See the details >Gumi-chan

Please go and visit til 24th Feb 





Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Water Tower in India First Time Being In India(Organic Farm) /初めてのインド(オーガニック農園) Part19 2012/03/10 IN English/日本語

 The son of farm owner has taken us to drive. I think he was only 16 or 17. Me, big American guy and German guy. Went to a train station, German guy was taking pictures near the station and an old guy said “Do not take photo of me! They will take my soul!”
The son treated us chai.  He talked a lot about his dream, being designer, living in the UK. We felt that he is very rich kid, but he was extremely nice and kind boy.

He’s taken us to the big water tank. Crazy building. It looks so fragile and looked like made out of clay, but so tall(50m-80m?). The tank is on the top and very thin structure is holding the huge tank. The boy starts climbing the stairs of tower, so as others. I was like “Wait? Are you climbing this??”
I actually climb up the top and so scared to move… it seems like it will collapse in a second as we are on this tower made of soil. I mean, it seems there is no construction. The tower was definitely not straight…

But I see beautiful scenery of the village at the end. I could see our farms, farmers’ simple clay concrete houses, forest and people who are going home with the dawning sun light. Sun was going down. I knew and I am sure I have seen horizon, but it was definitely new to me.  Orange sun was dyeing the colour of the surface of the land. I see that sun is also layering our life and I could see the history of this village. This was the moment of another day closing down.


少年はぼくらにチャイを振舞ってくれた。多分彼は16,17歳だ。 僕と大きなアメリカ人とドイツ人。ある電車の駅に連れて行ってもらう。ドイツ人の彼がまわりの写真を撮ってると、ターバンを巻いた男が「写真を撮るな!魂が奪われる!」とインドの言葉で叫ぶ。少年が訳してくれた。

そのあと彼は大きな水のタンクがあるところへ連れて行ってくれた。とてもクレイジーな建物。土でできてるようで、50m-80mはある。大きなタンクは糸のような細い構造の柱で支えられていた。少年はそのタンクに向かって階段を登り始める。 「え?これのぼるの?」と僕は思う。

しかし、とても美しい夕焼けをみることができた。僕らの畑と、農民たちの素朴なコンクリートの家々。 森、人が夕焼けの光に照らされて帰っていく。日が落ちていく。昔に地平線をみたことは確かだったが、なにか新鮮だった。 オレンジ色の日は地の色を染めていっている。日の光が僕たちの生活にレイヤーとなって覆っていく。村の歴史がそこに現れていた。

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Tomorrow the last day. my friend's film/ 友人の監督した映画、明日まで!

You've got to see this film directed by my friend Charlie Cattrall  I went to see screening today! You can see him tomorrow at the venue!!! It will be the last day! trailor etc>>>>