Friday, 26 August 2011

“Engraving the Memory” You can participate our collection! Your personal memory becomes our products. 「想いを刻む」コレクションに是非参加をお願いします! 貴方の思い出が作品になります。2011-08-26-001

There is a gap between interest and disinterest.
People nowadays will upload tons of footage of themselves and their life online, even if they do not know whether anyone will see it or not.
Of course no-one can really tell which of your experiences have become an integral part of your memories.
People upload hundreds of pictures and thousands of videos because they are obsessed with claiming, “I am here”

Convenience creates a lack of interest and effort.
People upload images randomly onto SNS sites on the Internet as ‘memories’ but this availability actually damages preciousness.
Anyone can access these images and your memories but they can never really share that memory with you.

So now, I would love for you to participate in my new Satoshi Date collection of clothing.

Using your memories, I wish to create the shape and colour of your memory within my garment so that your precious memory and a part of your soul will be absolved into clothing forever. When other people wear the garment, they too can truly share your memory.

Please leave your precious memory you want to share with others on comment box below
(Please specify whether you want to put your name on a part of the our collection or not)

I will give you two examples; these are true stories and precious memories of mine.

Bath in mum’s hands

I was on a boat, enjoying the Italian sun.
As the boat swayed gently, one of my oldest memories came back to me.
I saw my young mother’s face as she was cleaning my body.
She was holding my head while I floated the small bathtub full of calm and warm water.
I remember being the most comfortable moment of my life, as I lay completely reliant on her arms and love.
Until I was in the Italian sea near Rome, I had never remembered this memory.

Darkest Memory

I was in the dark, shaking to see her.
As I crawled in the dark trying to reach where she slept I could not believe that she would exist in this depth.
It felt like the darkest dark I’d ever seen and I wondered whether I would ever be able to escape.
Just as my hands began disappearing in the dark mist so too did my feelings.
This was so real and unreal.





Satoshi Dateの新プロジェクトがでは、この一人一人の「記憶」を、Satoshi Date のプロダクトとしてテクスチャーや色を与え、生き返らせるということだ。他人はその作品達を身につけることで、誰かの思い出を肌で感じ、本当の意味で体験、理解することになる。







Monday, 22 August 2011

No Police or Law needed part 3(end) 警察も法律もいらない。Part3(end) 2011-08-20-001 (English and 日本語)

The word poor has negative meaning. So, poor sounds bad, but lacking money , is not bad thing. So people who are working in small wages are the most unhappy people? I don’t think so.
Some media try to put some ideas what is bad and good, but it is up to us how to think about it. If you go to poor country and talk face to face at the same table, do you look down ? what I want to say here is why do you separate the people so much with having money and not having money? I know that might be natural thing, but anger always come from these differences. Races and Community problems. I guess how we think create separeta more poor people and rich people.

-government –

I am sure Government can do something about it, because they are the one who charging and constructing the country, but remember that government is made by our civilians, so do not blame only them, blame on ourselves.


It is a sick to behave like this, cover the face so that no one can see, so they are actually ashamed of doing this or they do not want to get caught. And it is a shame that people just do this crime when everybody was doing. How weak those people. I am not saying that if you commit a crime, please be proud of what you do. You do not have right mind, you are actually do not what you are doing. Peoeple are not trained enough to be mature in the society.


Everyone should appreciate the job, imagine you are doing volunteer, this is your turn to do the job. It might not look nice, but someone has to do it. I like what I do, but I try to contribute with society, dress maker, rubbish man, artist, gardener, designer we are all the same, we are volunteering and for the return we receive money. We are all part of community. All of us are connected.





Thursday, 18 August 2011

No Police or Law needed part 2 警察も法律もいらない。Part2 2011-08-18-001

- Individuality –

I assume that in some extent individuality helps in our society, having your opinion and stand up against the majority, but if that is too much, it’ll be selfishness. So working in the group would be fantastic in Japan, but it might end up with chaos in England.

- poverty –

When you see rich people on the street and you don’t have money and you have to work in a bad condition job, you might think it is unfair. I saw an article a couple days ago, one of the rioter was saying “ This is Government fault, rich people’s fault, it was so fan to burn things and steal things” Why rich people are bad ? not all of the rich people are stingy and showing off their money, see how it will happen those people who complain became rich, and some rich people help and consider about poverty.

“Why do being rich bad or good and why poor good or bad?”

I think in England they separate rich, middle and poor firmly. Poor people are pushed away to the corner. And the way of life as well… and seems that some people are ignorant about the problem. About the social benefit as well, the system is collapsed and they don’t even try to fix it. I know many people who take an advantage to those system and people who really need a support get nothing. In Japan we have many support from government but we don’t abuse the system. WhY?

Ok , I said “Is poor bad?” Lacking money is bad? Who said that? Capitalism? Even in Japan, some parents are crazy about career and being rich. What is wrong with these people? Why having a lot of money is good? Yes you can travel, you do not have to suffer from jobless, but this is mental matter, I mean how you think, creates poverty. Poor mind creates poorness. Those people who steal from the shop at this event, creates their poor mind and create them more poor.

YOUR MIND IS POOR that is why you are poor.

Of course you need to be educated how we are not thinking that way. Ask me if you need a help. I will answer that question.





貧しい事が悪いのか?と僕は言った。お金がないことがなぜ悪いのだろうか?誰が言ったのだろうか?資本主義?日本でもそういった現象はある。おかしな親たちは子供をお金持ちに、そして素晴らしい(?)キャリアを持つ為に必死に育てる(?)。彼らはどうかしているのだろうか?なぜお金をいっぱいもっていることがそんなに良いことなのだろうか? もちろんお金があれば、色々なところへ旅行へ行ったり仕事がないことに不安を抱えなくていい。でもこれは精神のもちようで変わる。 どの様にして精神を自分の体に置くかで自分の環境を変える。貧しく考えれば貧しくなる。 今回の問題でものを盗んだひとたちはさらに彼らを貧しくしているだろう。



Thursday, 11 August 2011

No Police or Law needed 警察も法律もいらない。 2011-08-10-001_01 in English/in Japanese 日本語

This is the problem of England, Here we come. I talked with my Italian friend earlier, I talked with some other nationalities not from UK. Is this riot event possible to happen? Yeah, any countries. But Now I can see this problem clearly. UK is out of control. If the police or army doesn’t exist this country. It’ll be worse than that. There are many people who do not care about others. Is it selfishness? Lack of education? Poverty ? Immigrations? Rich people? Government?

I am here in UK, some people say why I am here. Uncivilized, bad weather, depressive country. Well, I don’t 100% believe these, but I am here to sort the problem out. Any country has problems and when this is in front of it, I try to understand why and how I could help or heal. I am not just making art or products to make some money or to be proud of myself. I am here to do something in society or our lives.
So England is great place for me to challenge my career.
It is obvious that UK is out of control by these young adult gangs (not all of them are gangs). They do not have anything to do, they do not have fear, and they do not know what is morality. They are bored. I do not know how they feel, when they are arrested and being jailed, probably they will be more upset and do the same, I do not know what they feel if they see other people crying because the victim got killed by rioters or see the film or photo footage they were committing a crime.
The problem is in the bottom, base, origin which we have to look at. I think it is combination of many things. Excuse me that I am not trying to generalise, it is my personal opinion, and I don’t say this is 100% true. To be continued >

これがイギリスの問題だ。今日イタリアの友達と話をした、また世​界各国の人と。「イギリスで起きているこの暴動は君たちの国では​起こりえるか?」もちろんどこの国だって起きないとはいえない。​ けれどイギリスは制御不可能な状態になってる。警察や軍隊がい​なかったらもっととんでもないことになっているだろう。 沢山の​人が他人に対してどうでもよいと思ってる。自己中心であるから?​ 教育のせい? 貧困? 移民問題? 富のある人達のせい? そ​れとも政府?

僕は今イギリスにいる。何でここに住んでいるの?と良く聞かれ​る。 文明化されていない、 気候の悪い、鬱な国になぜいるのか? 1​00%彼らの意見に同意しないが、僕はなにかの問題を解決する為​にここにいる。どこの国や社会にも問題がある。理解し、どのよう​に助けて、癒していくかを考える。アートやデザインを作り上げる​のはお金を稼ぐ為でも自分のためだけにやっているわけではなく、​ぼくらの人生と社会のために行なっている。イギリスはそういう意​味ではとてもチャレンジとなる国だ。

イギリスがいまこの不良な若者たちにたいして制御不能なのは明確​だ(今回の事件では全員が若者でもなく不良でもないが)。 彼らはなにもすることがなく、恐がるものもなく、善悪がなにかも​知らない。かれらは人生にもう飽きてしまったのだ。彼らが捕まり​、牢屋に入っても何を感じるか僕にはわからない。多分彼らはさら​に怒りをこみ上げるだろう。もしかれらが暴動により殺された人の​涙をみたり、犯罪を犯している自分自身の姿を報道で目に入ったら​何を思うのだろうか?

問題はもっと根底にあって、それを見つめなければいけない。色​々な問題が重なって大きな問題になっている。一般的に偏見をもっ​てみるのではなく、僕の個人的な考えとして聞いてほしい   続​く>>