Monday, 23 April 2012

English!! you! Japanese!

English language people, English! I mean at least English. I am talking to Japanese people especially and other nationalities who are ignorant about English language, I am sorry but we need to use this language,because it is common language and most of the debates and important news online are in English. if you want to be in an island and close yourself, fine, but if you want to say that you are advance and would love to work with other countires and nationalities, you need to. that's the start, Don't say I am Japanese, I don't need that. I am fed up with listening to many Japanese who live in England and they don't even try to speak English. Why you are here? If you don't want to learn other culture and living in that culture, you are better not to be international, go back and work as a craft man, talk with nature and be a farmer(no offfence to farmer), you do not need to speak English. I am saying, because we need those people, too. Of course all of us do not need to speak English, so try not to waste everybody's time and your time. Be brave.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Is he guilty or not? Anders Breivik 1/2 in English/ 日本語 彼は有罪か無罪か アンネシュ・ベーリング・ブレイビク(Anders Behring Breivik)1/2  2012/04/21

Anders Breivik pleaded not guilty, he think he did the right thing. Here is the point

1. Mental People can commit a crime?

2. How do you judge right or wrong?

For me, if someone kills deliberately, I think they are not quite normal already. What is the border between mental and not mental? See the all the dictators or cruel murderer, they are sentenced as a criminal not a mental, but do you think they are normal? I am not an expert, but if someone is deeply mental means that they cannot deal with society cannot follow the rule, so the children crime, in the most countries, they are less responsible to what they did, and mental people just go to the hospital, and that is it. Here is the example of cruel murder it seems quite mental… see the

Tsutomu Miyazaki

Tsutomu was executed.

In Japan, they ask whether the defendant has “the ability to fulfill one's responsibilities“ or not. If the defendant does not feel guilty even he or she isn’t psycho and pretending, for me, they do not have those abilities.

I am interested in this boundary, people who know what is moral, murderer and mental people. So if mental people who might kill people should be in the hospital, but who are those people between normal and insane muderer? They are mental only when they kill people? If we talk about stealing or breaking one’s properties, everyone think that they are behaving badly, but probably those criminal cannot recognise how other people feel, once they understand they feel sorry. I met many people who are almost like murderer or dictator, they don’t care about other people, perhaps those murderer do not care if other people get killed or not, they are not educated in a certain way enough. So is he guilty? Or his parents or families are guilty? Environment? Society? Who created those murderer?

To be continued to 2

Written by Satoshi Dáte




1. 精神異常者は殺人を起こせるか

2. どの様に正悪を決めるか

僕としては、人を殺めるという行動をとるということはすでに正常でないと思う。なにが精神異常でそうでないのか?独裁者や残酷な殺人者は普通の人間として裁かれている。彼らは普通なのだろうか?僕は専門家ではないが、重度の精神患者は社会の中で普通に生きられない、法律などを理論的に理解できないとされている。未成年の犯罪の罪は成年の罪より軽く、精神異常者は病院に入れられる。 下記のリンクは残酷な殺人の例となる。かなり精神異常に思えるが…

宮崎 勤

被告は結果死刑になった。 日本では責任能力があるかどうかを問われる。被告が頭がおかしいか、それともそれを演じることもあるだろう。そしてまた謝罪の一言もない犯罪者もいる。その時点で責任能力などないといえないだろうか?

ぼくはこの境界線に興味がある。モラルがわかる人間と、殺人鬼と精神異常者と。それでは人を殺すかもしれない異常者は病院へ、でも正常な人間と異常者で人を殺す人間のあいだにいる殺人者たちは一体なにものなのだろうか? 彼らは人を殺すときだけおかしいのだろうか? 窃盗や破壊にかんしてはもちろん皆が悪い行いだと言うだろう。これらの犯罪者は罪を感じるまで相手の痛みの事など感じないだろう。殺人を犯す人間も同じだろう。ある意味で教育をうけていないのだと思う。それでは彼らは罪に問われるのだろうか?かれらの親が、家族に罪を問うべきか?環境?社会?殺人者をだれが生み出したのだろうか?


文 Satoshi Dáte

Friday, 6 April 2012

11th-16th Dec 2011 “the first time in Dubai”in English/日本語 12月11日-16日 「初めてのドバイ」

I went to Dubai for acting some advertisement. The cost of flight and hotel were covered by the client, and treat me so nice. I was introduced other actress and actors by staff, but as I am not good at being open for new people, I might have created the distance to them.

Arrived at hotel in the late night. Staff gave us some pocket money, and received the key. Quite large and clean room. One of the wall in the bed room, it was made by huge glass. I could see the building in front of the hotel and the tiny cars which keep following the other similar shaped ones. I felt like I had to fill something in the air in such an empty room.

Next morning, I went down to the 7th floor restaurant. It was buffet. There were various kinds of ham and cheese on the ice. Some people ordered a special omelet to the chef as well. I was confused what to eat as there are many deserts.

One of the actor of this job talked to me and ask me to join the breakfast. We were enjoyed the meal with relaxing music and calm mood in the restaurant. I could see the surrounded building and the city from the table as the walls are made of glass. He seems that he is from Normandy. We talked about 2nd world war, and he told me that there are many people who do not want to speak about that period, because many people created the false information or reported the neighbours to Nazis and getting their properties, businesses and lands. People who betrayed feel ashamed, it is a taboo in some areas.

I love to hear the story makes me think, but I did not think that I will hear the war story in a such a relaxing place. I felt that any kinds of mankind try to be higher than any others whenever they have an opportunity. It reminds me that even after the Dubai Crisis, many of poor people from countries near by work for constructing the buildings here.

When I walk down the city, 100s of men with dirty clothes looking through us from the darkness under the skyscraper. 200 eyes are staring at us. Shined, all the eyes, in the dark, looking at us with gloom? Or just simple curiosity? They are just steady and waiting for order from the boss. An article on the paper says that they are treated like slave and cheated to come to Dubai for their work.

Simply, this city, I can say only desert, skyscraper, resort, shopping mole and then beach beach beach. That is all. I am not particularly interested in coming here, but I wanted to see once. I met a friend of friend who grew up here, I wondered she has an identity or not. Most of people here might be Arab, because of the culture, but her origin is India. She speaks Arabic and English. In fact, all the cities, towns and even villages are “man-made” , but it is hard to find themselves in the city on top of desert created by human’s fantasy.

Sometimes we worked in the very early morning, but everything was so relaxed. All the staff, actress and actors are extremely kind and nice, so it was a bit like little vacation.

Written by Satoshi Date

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