Monday, 25 October 2010

‘Routes of Being’ Concept by Satoshi Date in English / 日本語

‘Routes of Being’
Satoshi Date

Life paths are only created in the past; hindsight maps the steps that were taken forwards. Future life paths can only be predictable for those controlled by the bondage of a system; by following the beaten track. If you think you know your destiny you may just follow steps to that eventuality, but where is the fun in that? You would likely be missing out on countless amazing experiences that you could have claimed.
If the mind remains free from the constraints of our society’s limitations and control, the spirit can roam freely beyond the boundaries imposed by others and embraced by the masses. Operating outside of the safety net can pose many difficulties with regard to being accepted by society but it also welcomes a plethora of fresh and exciting possibilities and opportunities.
Liberation of the self from the inevitability of fate is the only way to do this. Your life path is our life path. If you create your own choice you are also contributing to where we are going. You probably think that your future pathway lies somewhere along roads already traveled but if you build your own chosen pathway you can create your own future and new roads for others to follow, or inspire them to form their own. There are no restrictions if infinite possible pathways for the future are created.

Fashion Show

A contemporary & conceptual look at how life paths interweave and the influence and exchange of one human to another. Exploring positive, negative and neutral characteristics and visualizing the notions of love, friendship, joy and conflict.
The garments will transform as models interact when their paths meet.
Challenging peoples' perceptions about their own futures and their influence on the fortunes of others and offering them the possibility of choosing their own destiny as opposed to resigning themselves to fate's inevitable course.


ルーツ・オブ・ビーング (Routes of Being)
Satoshi Date (サトシ・ダテ) 

人生の道は過去を振り返る時のみ確認する事ができ、これらは足跡が残した後知恵の地図に過ぎない。未来に続く道は既に形成されている、そして他者によってすでに踏みならされ統括されている道を歩もうとする場合にのみ予測が可能である。もし自分の運命を知っていると思うのならば、これからの行動は単純に決められた終焉へと続くステップに従って歩いているだけだといえるだろう。しかし、そのどこに楽しみを見いだせようか? 経験できたであろう無数の貴重な体験を見逃してしまっているだろう。



Image : Distance and procedure of life - create the life path by own feet.
Date: 5th sept 2010
by Satoshi Date

Tuesday, 19 October 2010