Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Third-generation Japanese-English; James Iha 日系3世 ジェームス・イハ(English&日本語)

This made me so surprised so I posted it.
There is a song that James Iha(from Smashing Pumpkins) offered Chara(Japanese Artist). He also participated in the music video.
Sounds really the Smashing Pumpkins!
It makes me confuse whether Billy influences Jemes or Jemes influences Billy after I have listened to this music.
Though I think that this is a taste of James at least.
I feel a little that a song “skirt” sounds Billy taste.
What was the problem between James Iha and Billy? They seemed to have a fight before their band broken up.

Chara - Skirt

Reflect me

James Iha ジェームス・イハがチャラに提供した曲 本人もPVに 参加。


すくなくても はジェームスのテイストだと思うけど。スカート(曲)はちょっとビリーなかんじが?

Chara - スカート


Thursday, 3 June 2010

ルーシー・ブラックマンについて About Lucie Blackman (日本語&English)


Why Japanese people hide the fact. 10years ago, Lucie Blackman, who was an English girl, was murdered by a Japanese guy. It was about 6 years later since I came in England, I found an article on the newspaper about the murderer. According to this, his nationality is South Korean. But it wasn’t reported at all in media in Japan. Why does they need to hide his identity? I think this cannot be an element of discriminates toward the South Korean people, but when terrorism event happened in Britain, they were announced that they are English originally from Pakistan. We shouldn't only hate the murderers, we should look at the meaning behind the event. Even if someone slaughtered people and people just accused this murderer we wouldn't solve the real problem. It is a society that makes up the criminal. So I think if we blame on only the criminal without seeing contents of the fact behind, we cannot reach to the solution.