Tuesday, 24 January 2012

War Horse 戦火の馬 in English/ 日本語2011-12-06

Went to see the War Horse(theatre)
Was nice to see the big horse made by wood and acting by people’s hands and legs, but at the end I like the little duck puppet controlled by a man and he mimic the duck sound at the same time the most. The story is normal, without these man made horse.. it is normal story. I found out one thing, there is always human drama in war story… or any story of the book, theatre or films. Especially in entertainment ones. Like woman screams or man jealous, young boy cries… it seems like human being never evolved… I do not want to see this for 1000years later. I want people to get evolved. I know that is dramatic and good for stories, but are we really doing the same things over and over again? The world in 3000years later, Typical masculine guy hit the wife and daughters run away from their house? I know that is not common situation in our lives, but if this story exist forever in art works, do we change? Or we might think in the future, oh we used to be so silly and inhuman like before…

I also feel this because I travel Asia and here in Europe. There are some typical things going on each countries and never change.

ワーホース(劇)を見に行く。木で作られた巨大な馬が人間の手や足で演じられるというのは実にみてて楽しかった。けれど結局は小さなアヒルの人形が人によって操られその人がアヒルの声を真似しながら歩くのが一番印象に残った。ストーリーも普通で、馬がなければただの普通の話だ。ただ一つ気付いたのがこのような戦争の話、いやどんな小説や映画や劇でも、いつも典型的なヒューマンドラマが繰り広げられる。女性が叫んで、男が嫉妬をして、子供が泣き叫んで… 人間は成長するのだろうか?ドラマティックで確かに観る方は楽しめるのかもしれない。ぼくらは常に同じことを繰り返しているのだろうか?3000年後の地球では、典型的な筋肉質な男が妻に暴力を振るい、娘が家をでるのだろうか?勿論それが共通のぼくらの人生の1ページとは思えないけれど、こんな話が永遠に作品の中でくりひろげられるのなら、ぼくらは一体進化していくのだろうかと不安に思う。それとも未来のぼくらは、むかしはこんなだったんだな。というだろうか?

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Shipping Back 06 (Final) /日本帰航 06 (最終章) in English/Japanese Nov25th-Dec2nd 2011

Nov 25th

We went to have a breakfast, there was a Scandinavian couple. I translated how they serve food by themselves, as the people in the canteen cannot speak in English. The strange man we met yesterday come to the canteen. After he has finished eating, he started talking to the couple, “Biking Biking” I just thought what is he saying? Maybe something rude… As his English was terrible, I didn’t and they didn’t really understand what he wanted to communicate… A girl of the couple was looking at her boyfriend and seems she didn’t know what to do. He said at the end “ I am Pirates!”…. and he disappeared from canteen…
I felt sorry for the couple and we started talking to them. Trying to approach that there are not so crazy Japanese here. They came from Denmark, and they are architect. He wanted to see Tadao Ando’s architecture. We talked about “Nageiredo” and they started being interested in seeing it. We recommended to come to Tottori next time they visit to Japan.

We missed the bus. So we had to carry very heavy(10kg mine) luggage to do sightseeing. Went to Chichu museum. www.benesse-artsite.jp/chichu/
This was the first time to feel Tadao’s work, so I was quite happy. I got some inspirations, but I had been thinking what I can do if I am an architect.
Talked with the staff who I know.

After the museum we left the luggage at the ferry port, then we hired the bicycle, we went to the art village, saw a couple exhibitions. Reminded me the echigo tsumari triennale www.echigo-tsumari.jp which I joined the project long time ago. There were many installations in the traditional Japanese houses, but I was not so inspired from them. Went back to the port. Mr.Y.A got Takoyaki and Takorice for me, we left at 2:55pm from Naoshima.  I started travel to Mino, very strange trains, students look like boys and girls from 50years ago… took 6 hours to get to Mino. The owner of the inn picked me up, Went to the supermarket, no one was there. Bought rice bread, chicken and pudding… like a big supermarket in London but no one.

Arrived at Kominka(old house). The owner told me, he does kayak. He told me that it is quite popular in England, but it is very popular in America. Interesting to hear that riding on the river is talking to the nature, and using the power of the nature… all the energy coming to us is created by conversation between the nature and us.

He started to run business which just rent out the room for visitors to this village, so he can do kayak everyday without worrying about money. I thought it is interesting way of living. The house was very old and I could hear everything form downstairs.


Back to Tokyo met a buyer at Daikanyama. Talked about my works.
Met a girl who is my supporter. We met on facebook and I decided to see her. She does volunteer at Minami Souma-shi(where the earthquake had hit) . talked to me about her background and her ex boyfriend.
Went to Bunka academy to buy some tools with her. Went to see H.K and E.T my staff in Japan. Had a dinner with three of them.

Couldn’t see Y.S somehow. After that meeting with Y and O at Ebisu. At Ebisu Yokocyo. Somehow the supporter I met last night came to the table next to us.

Dec 1st

Having a class at Minato ku Aoyama primary school. Talked about better to go outside of Japan and see the world, and they have a power to change everything. They listened to me carefully. There was a cute black girl in grade 6. Strange to talk about the world and cosmopolitan city (London) in front of her, as she might already feel and know about it.

Dec 2nd

Leaving Japan.
A Japanese accountant was next to me in the airplane. He told me that he was working for 40years. The same job and same place.. I was like wow… the ladies next to him were amazingly from the same primary school as mine. We talked about our teachers…
It’s very strange to talk with someone has retired and has skills. They say “now we are going to enjoy the rest of my life” There is no goal, any passions. They have skills and can do many things, but they do not have any energy to use them anymore.  
At this time trip, I saw an old man selling and baking Goheimochi. In the countryside, old people work like that, they have a job. It seems like an opposite world to modern city where there was no place to the old people. Of course, there are no young people in the countryside so the old people have to work instead of young ones, but this environment in the suburb creates a beautiful atmosphere.


朝ごはんを食べに行く。北欧系のカップルが現われる。ごはんのよそい方など、味噌汁がお代わり自由など食堂のおばさんが英語が出来ないので、ぼくが説明をする。この前あった不思議なへんなおっさんが現れる。彼が食事を終えた後、片言の英語で西洋人のカップルに話しかける。「バイキング、バイキング。。。」 なんか失礼なこといってんじゃないのかな、と思う… 彼の酷い英語でなにをしたいのかわからず、カップルの女性はすごく困ってそうな顔をみせる、でもカップルはとても人がよく、ちゃんと応対していた。「I am Pirates!(オレは海賊ダー)」とかなんとかいってそのおっさんは去る。

直島観光。3時間ほど10キロの荷物をしょって歩く。地中美術館に行く。www.benesse-artsite.jp/chichu/ 安藤忠雄の作品に触れるのは初めてだったので嬉しかった、インスピレーションをうけるが自分ではどの様な建築をつくるか頭の中で思いをめぐらせる。
を思い出す。趣のある古い日本の建物にアートインスタレーションがほどかされている感じ。これといって印象は薄かった。 港に戻る。たこ焼きとたこ飯をY.Aさんに買ってもらい、2時55分のフェリーで出る。