Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2014 on 2013/12/31

All my family, Little DT, friends and supporter thank you for 2013! and Wish we will have greater year 2014!

家族、リトルDT、友人、サポーターの皆様 2013年お世話になりました! 2014年はさらなる素晴らしい歳になる事を祈ります!

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas  ・ クリスマス 20131225

Satoshi arrived in the UK.
Wish you have a beautiful and warm Christmas!

サトシ UKに到着

Sunday, 22 December 2013

歌舞伎町 風俗 Kabuki-cho prostitution 2013/12/23 in English/ 日本語

「イヤーないです」 スーツケースを持っていたので彼は


Came back to Tokyo. 4:50am. Went through Kabuki cho(prostitution town in Tokyo). A guy started chatting with me
 “sir do you want to go to my place?” 
“sorry I’m not interested”
“Really, I’ ve never been such a place” 
“ joking? Well, but I’m sure you are a bit interested in going”
 “not really” I said with no interest. 
“where are you going, sir?”
  “A café in front of police box near here” 
“ahh that one, I don’t think it is open, but the omelets rice is so good over there” 
“I see…”   
“you know, sir, I wasn’t interested in going such a place but my boss asked me to go together and I went,,,,”
 “well, maybe when I was young, but I’m not interested in going there anymore, I don’t want to do things with someone I don’t love, and also I know people who were working there”  “hmmm yeah right, I feel something losing in my heart.. but sir let’s lose something like me…”   
 I gave my business card without any intention. 
“oh you live in London? Speaking French? Can I visit you?”
 “sure anytime”  we said good bye, 
 “ sir, actually, the café is open… omelet rice is so good there”  

 I went to the café, it was open.

The café was old, its toilet was also old. Then I felt Kabuki cho never been changed since long time ago. And industry is carrying on forever. I’ m interested in what kind of place people are working, and what sort of people are working there. I felt sex industry should be vanished away, but I don’t think it is easy.

Friday, 20 December 2013

サトシダテのタブレットケースがオンラインショップにて販売中です。 Satoshi Dáte's table cases are selling in fro・nowhere online shop now!!!


Satoshi Dáte's tablet cases are selling in fro・nowhere online shop now!!!
Attire works are selling in Osu-Kannon shop.


Monday, 16 December 2013

Tuesday, 10 December 2013