Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Is he guilty or not? Anders Breivik 2/2 in English/ 日本語 彼は有罪か無罪か アンネシュ・ベーリング・ブレイビク(Anders Behring Breivik)2/2  2012/05/01


He mentioned about atomic bomb in Japan, some people say that was genocide, some American say that was right things to do, because they save more life for killing. If he is guilty for this event, America is also guilty for dropping weapon.

In his mind, he thinks he did right thing. HE THINKS and He BELIEVES it. How can people change that? Perhaps he will never change his mind. So this MIND thing, is interesting. His claim is challenging us about many things. It is true that there is no evidence that atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki save many lives by killing huge amount of people, so as bombing in cities in Germany what America did, but this is war, perhaps different stories from this event.

I said about MIND, because if majority people “think” something is right, then that would be right, because no-one denies it. Also it is hard to tell what people really think and what is in their mind, defendant can pretend that they are mental.

This problem can be fit to any other matters for judgment or making rule. Crossing the street at the red right cannot be accepted in Japan, but it is quite acceptable in other countries, if there is no car, because of such a reason, this is cultural difference but rule can be changed easily by place or period of the time. For in this case, I think he does not have any prove that Islam people are invading the western countries, etc. If he is not insane, this event also question ourselves many things.

I also think that there is a danger to think that he is different from us, we are fundamentally the same, if we created murderer we should question ourselves rather than him. Problems are just in front of us or within us. Perhaps like in Japan, Norway is very peaceful country, very protected by system. Many crazy events have been happened in Japan recently, too, but I believe these events, PEOPLE are wanting them to be happened. In Breivik mind, is connected to us. In a way he is using this boredness to make us stimulate, people always need a stimulation. He is laughing at us, about this system, and he does not care if he is dead in prison or not.

We can protect ourselves in any way you want, but we will be like lions in the cage. Human needs stimulation, we cannot protect everything. We say we are happy by this system, but really? I do not think that is the true happiness. It is like the sales man who sells fake happiness comes to you, “hey this is the happiness, you have to pay this much of tax, but you will receive these, health, education, social services and so on, how great it is?” Happiness will not be delivered to you when you are 20 or even when you were born. Happiness is to create.

So, about stimulation, you do not need to kill people or receiving Tsunami for every hour to stimulate ourselves, but within our life we can stimulate each other. There are tons of problems in our world, and why people do not realise? Making our own system is also a challenge for us and stimulate us. I am trying to stimulate by myself doing art. I know that “art” is not only answer, but I do not know why that art is in the box recently and pushed away by society so much now. Design, music and art are our life and be creative is to create our quality of being human, again we do not need to harm people to stimulate ourselves, there are much more beautiful things to do. Let’s do it.


Written by Satoshi Dáte


2/2  彼は有罪か無罪か アンネシュ・ベーリング・ブレイビク(Anders Behring Breivik)


彼は広島の原子爆弾について述べる。あれは大量虐殺であったか、ある人はあの爆弾のおかげで多くの(後に戦争で命を落としただろう)人の命を助けたといえるという。彼がやったことが犯罪ならばアメリカも犯罪者だと。 彼の頭の中ではかれは正しい事をしたという風に考えている。彼はそう考えてそれを信じている。それを誰が変える事が出来るのだろうか?

きっと誰も変える事はできないだろう。 だからこの心の中(精神)というものはとても興味深い。 彼の主張(言い訳?)は僕らに挑戦をしている。 勿論の事、広島や長崎の原爆がその後命を落としたであろう人々を救ったという根拠はない。アメリカ軍が無差別にドイツで空爆したことも同じ事がいえる。ただこれは戦争なので別問題かもしれない。 ぼくは精神について話した、もしも多くの人間があることに「良し」とするならばそれは多分「良し」となってしまうだろう。だれも否定しないのだから。また人間がいったい本当に何を考えているか頭の中をのぞくこともできない。被告は精神異常者のふりもできる。


今回の事件に関しては、被告が主張するイスラム人が西洋社会を占領しようとしているというのもいい加減な言いがかりだ。 しかし彼が異常でないと判断された場合またぼくらを考えさせるもうひとつの問題を作ることになるだろう。 また、このことで彼を狂人としてしまうことも問題と思う。ぼくらは根本的には同じイキモノで、殺人者も僕らがつくりだす。彼に疑問を投げかけるのでなく自分たちを問うべきだと思う。







文 Satoshi Dáte