Saturday, 14 November 2015

2015/11/14(13night) Excavation Dream

Very Realistic dream.

I dreamed about archaeology. I was there. It looks like middle east, maybe in the dessert. Two big places for digging. One was big maybe like 10sqm and covered or not covered by a house. The another one, 5sqm. I was there with a female friend or one of my assistant,  I don’t remember who that is. She had a short hair. Maybe… a bit dim. But the sun light coming from the window. The house was basic.. yes. Made of bricks. The hole.. is constructed with bricks or wood to protect the surrounding. Smell of soils. Yes the ground was soil. There were some stuff already dag out. Object C(see the drawing20151114-01) it was like tile. Well it was dag out most of them is still in the soil. About 30cm below from the ground. It seems strong structure. Container? Maybe we are seeing the lid? And Object A, structured by wood or stone. Piled with many of wooden or stone log. There mustn’t have any space inside but I assumed that there is a mummy inside. I thought this is coffin. It looked like tower. About 1 and half meter. I found object B, made of porcelain, looked like big button. Some decollation on top, flower? Behind is flat. I said “what is this?” and I threw away ( I don’t throw things…) a hard sound echoed in the room. I felt this was very important artifact, but I somehow threw it as it is not important.
I had an idea, I said to my friend. “If I have got million Pounds, I will use that for excavating. I may dig some gold or something precious.” After we talked how easy to dig something out. And I think I have a great intuition. Then an archaeologist appeared with rectangular shape excavation area. Area was about 3m x 5m. I asked him “How much will it cost to excavate these?” middle aged archaeologist turns older and he didn’t catch what I said. He answered. “Well, 1 year? For …. Hectare.” He said about how long it will take…  but that was a good information.. “oh no.. it will take 1 year?

I am in the open area. Huge stairs.. I felt like I am in the middle point of Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II in Rome. Open space. Quite modern. I can see people walking on the street at the bottom, cars…modern buildings. Head of archaeologist and his female assistant are beside me. Talking something about archaeology. Then I saw Japanese post office in the middle of stairs, open space. Two of them, it was miss match and looked ugly. And I realized that I am in Boston. I felt there must be a lot of Japanese living here now. And it changed a lot. Suddenly a pretty tiny young girl came, and talked to the archaeologist, don’t care about me. My frame of eye view goes from her feet to the thigh and it stopped. She wore skinny jeans and her legs were skinny,too. She was surprised from what archaeologist said and “Fab!” and I thought, “I don’t like a girl says ‘Fab!’”

Friday, 13 November 2015

Routes of Being Exhibition by Satoshi Dáte 代官山Aquvii OfTenにてRoutes of Being 展示会を行います

代官山Aquvii OfTenにて展示会を行います。

Routes of Being by Satoshi Dáte

2015・11・24 - 2015・11・30 <12-20pm>
レセプション・パーティー  2015・11・28(Sat)  <6pm-8pm>

ロンドン在住のアーティストSatoshi Dáteの
<ガラス・アーティストSayaka Araiとの作品も展示予定>

人にわたり 育ち 波紋として広がる

Aquvii 代官山 「OfTEN GALLERY」
Tel 03-3462-5044


Satoshi Dáte Exhibition at Daikanyama Aquvii OfTen

Routes of Being by Satoshi Dáte

from 2015.11.24-2015.11.30  <12-20pm>
Private View on 2015.11.28 <18-20pm>

Satoshi Dáte will exhibit his Artwork, Fashion Wrok, Accessories, Music CD and more.

There will be a world uniting with Non abstract and abstract world.

collaboration with Glass artist Sayaka Arai