Tuesday, 12 May 2015

日本海新聞 Japanese news paper article - Satoshi Dáte 2015-4-28 in English/in Japanese 

Mr Yuuichi Asada has been the town manager for Kurayoshi City Centre Revitalization Council since October 2014. Kurayoshi is a small city located in in the central part of Tottori prefecture, Japan.
On this article, he talks about the local regeneration of the city, calling for the need to establish a first class school that would attract students and teachers from all over the world. Mr Asada and I have been working together on this project over the last few years.
Citing my argument shown below in the middle of the article, he discusses problems that Japan has been facing with its chronic exam-oriented education system and most importantly how Japanese people can tackle them.
"As children grow up, why do they, who were once masses of creativity born with all-round curiosity and action, fall within the bounds of common sense set by adults? They turn textbookish. Factory-type persons are mass-produced under the name of acquiring sociality."

We are creating the educational project focused on “creativity” and “importance of love” The students are from young age to adult. Teachers are invited from all over the world. It is for re-building our new society.

倉吉市の地域活性化タウン・マネージャー麻田雄一さんがSatoshi Dáteについて日本海新聞のコラムで語ってくれました。麻田氏とは鳥取で様々なプロジェクトで一緒に活動を行っています。